AU TigerTime

Frequently Asked Questions
Swipe-In & Swipe-Out Procedures

Who needs to swipe-in and out each day?
The following guidelines will apply to the automated timekeeping system:

    Non-Exempt employees must swipe in and out for payroll purposes.

How will non-exempt employees be able to swipe-in and out?
Non-exempt employees will swipe in and out at smart terminals located near their work area or via a PC timestamp.

When an employee swipes-in/out, how will they know if their swipe was accepted?
The timeclock or smart terminal will provide visual and auditory signals in the form of a green light and beep as each swipe is successfully made.

What happens if an employee forgets to clock in or out?
If you forget to clock in, notify your supervisor and he/she will insert your time on the timesheet.

Many employees are required to attend offsite training each year. What should employees do about clocking in/out when these situations arise?
These activities are prescheduled and will have prior approval from your supervisor. That being the case, employee time sheets will need to be appropriately updated by a supervisor/manager to reflect the time taken for training.

What if I have to leave in the middle of the day, but come back to work?
Swipe-in and out each time you come and go. If you leave and return once during the day (lunch), then your timecard will contain four entries.

What will happen to the timeclocks if there is a power failure?
In the event of a power failure, the timeclocks come with a battery back-up that will save punches. Once power has been restored, the swipes made at each timeclock will be uploaded to the TigerTime system.

Can I clock in from any smart terminal on campus?
Yes, with some exceptions for biometric employees.

Will I have the ability to clock in at both my PC and a smart terminal?
Yes, full-time employees will have the ability to clock at both a PC and a smart terminal. Students will be primarily restricted to the smart terminals. Employees may choose to clock via a smart terminal because of the ease of use and speed!