AU TigerTime

Frequently Asked Questions
General Issues

How are employees entered into TigerTime?
Employees are automatically imported as they are added to Banner. We get nightly updates from Banner. So if you have a new employee that is in Banner on a Monday Afternoon, then he/she should be imported into TigerTime by Tuesday morning.

How is time entered into TigerTime?
  1. Card-swipe Terminals - swipe a AU Banner ID card at a smart terminal
  2. Web-enabled Timestamp - log into a TigerTime url with your AU GID and password

How is time sent to Banner?
A custom payroll interface extracts the data from timecards and creates a comma delimited text file. The text file is imported into Banner. This will take the place of Banner Web Time Entry.

What about Holidays?
Holidays are added to the system as soon as the schedule is published. For those employees that are eligible for Holiday Pay, the system is configured to pay set amounts based on your FTE. If you work on that Holiday, punches will be captured as separate line items. It is important to remember that just because you work on a holiday, does not mean those hours are automatically calculated as Overtime (@ 1.5).

Overtime is determined on a weekly, not daily, basis. You must work more than 40 hours a week before overtime is calculated.

Holidays will not appear in the timecard until the current pay period.

For any Part-Time leave eligible employees, the holidays are NOT automatically added to the system. It is the responsibility of the manger or timekeeper to enter PTB and the number of hours based on their work schedule.

What if my employee is late/early to work?
This is a managerial issue and should be handled within the department. Payroll is primarily concerned that all employees of the university are paid timely, accurately and efficiently.

For all full-time non-exempt employees, a total of 80 hours are generally expected (40 hours per week).

Why does payroll need 40 hours per week for full-time biweekly employees?
Vacation and Sick Leave are accrued based on a 40 hour work week. If you work less than 40 hours per week, your accruals will be reduced.

Non-exempt yearly salary is broken into 26 payments per year based on a 40 hour work week. If you work less than 40 hours per week, your pay will be reduced.

Can I change my employee's time if he/she is late/early?
Yes, you could... But, that would be tracked in the audit trail and is highly unethical. TigerTime has an extremely detailed audit trail. Any changes that are made within the timecard are tracked.

What is the difference between accrual balances in TigerTime and Banner?
Accruals listed in TigerTime are typically more up-to-date than Banner, however, Banner is the official record keeping system.

Leave balances can be checked at any terminal. Balances will be refreshed approximately every four hours.

If we are using electronic timekeeping system, do we still need to submit Paper Leave Slips and Timecards?
No! All leave eligible employees will request leave through TigerTime. Requests will be routed to a supervisor. The supervisor has the ability to approve or deny requests. If approved, the leave is automatically entered onto your timecard.

Paper timecards are also not needed. All data will be stored electronically.

Who will be using TigerTime?
ALL employees being paid by Auburn University. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Auburn University
  • Auburn University Montgomery
  • Alabama Cooperative Extension System
  • Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station

Will any group be able to opt out?
No! Banner's Web Time Entry will be dissolved as units are phased onto TigerTime.

I have employees that do not work on campus. How will they report time?
Employees working off-campus with no access to PCs or terminals may need to report time to their managers. Managers will be able to key punches into TigerTime.

My department has told me that I cannot work overtime, and often do not report hours that I work in excessive of 40. How do I handle this?
Employees are required to report all hours worked. For example, if an employee is needed for an after hours event, then he or she is required to include those hours in the weekly total.

According to AU policy, overtime is to be approved in advance. However, according to FSLA, Auburn University is required to compensate employees for ALL hours worked.

Departments have the choice to either compensate the employee by paying overtime or allowing the employee to leave early/arrive late at the end of the week.

If an employee works hours in excess of 40 hours, and the overtime is not approved, Auburn University is still required to compensate that employee for all time worked. However, the department/manager may choose to use disciplinary actions, if overtime is worked without prior approval.

My department allows flexible schedules. How will TigerTime handle?
TigerTime has the ability to create unique shifts and schedules.

Why are only non-exempt employees required to clock?
FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) requires Auburn University to collect timecards for all hourly employees.