AU TigerTime

Frequently Asked Questions

How does TigerTime work?
TigerTime helps organizations automate the process of collecting time and attendance information and calculating employee pay. TigerTime is a web-based technology that provides multiple access points for employees and supervisors.

What will happen if TigerTime crashes?
A number of back-up/redundant technical systems will help to decrease that possibility, however, should it ever occur, payroll has procedures in place to ensure employees will get paid.

Will the timeclock be able to provide a printout of an employee's timesheet for their review?
No. Employees will be able to review their own hours worked at the timeclock. If an employee would like a printout of their timesheet, their supervisor will be able to print a hard copy.

Will supervisors be able to check on employees' time?
Yes. It is recommended for supervisors to review timecards each day. This process takes a few seconds to a minute depending on your department.

Will the timeclock be tied into the fax machine?
No. The TigerTime timeclocks are part of a stand-alone system and are not connected to any other devices.

How is time calculated within the system?
All punch times are rounded on quarter of an hour increments. Time is rounded based on a standard "7 minute rule." For example, if you clock in at 8:07am, then punch time is rounded to 8am. If you clock in at 8:08am, the punch time is rounded to 8:15am. Time is rounded forwards and backwards.

Minutes Rounded Time

53-07 00 (Top of the Hour) i.e. 8am

08-22 15 (Hour + 1/4) i.e. 8:15am

23-37 30 (Hour + 1/2) i.e. 8:30am

38-52 45 (Hour + 3/4) i.e. 8:45am