Direct Deposit of Student Refunds


Direct Deposit for financial aid and other student refunds (credit balance on the Office of Student Financial Services account) is required. You must request to have your refunds electronically credited to your bank or other financial institution account.

Direct Deposit means you will receive your refund faster, with the refund being directly credited to your checking account, instead of waiting on the postal service to deliver your check. It also eliminates address problems with your refund checks and the hassle of having to take your check to the bank to have it cashed. Also, this convenience is being provided at NO COST to you.

To enroll in Direct Deposit, you may input your personal bank information via the Bank Account Information option in AU Access/Tiger i. When using this on-line option, please take care to input your bank routing and accounts numbers very carefully. There is no on-line verification process to validate your input. Direct Deposit will be in effect throughout your Auburn University career.

Once your bank information has been updated successfully to the Billing/Receivables System your refund will be electronically transferred. Email notifications will be sent to your email address when a direct deposit transaction has been processed. You may also wish to be aware of the financial aid transfer dates that are posted on the Office of Student Financial Aid website.

If you have any questions regarding Direct Deposit, please call the Office of Student Financial Services at 334-844-4634.