Payroll & Employee Benefits
Once You Decide To Retire


Three months prior to your retirement date you should do two things:
  • Write a letter of resignation to your department. Request that your department submit your retiring Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF).
  • Make an appointment with Linda Sanders in Payroll & Employee Benefits, 334-844-1791.


During your visit to Payroll & Employee Benefits you will receive:
  • Application for Retirement
  • Direct Deposit Form
  • Auburn's health insurance cancellation form - you will enroll in the Public Education Employees' Health Insurance Plan (PEEHIP).
  • Review of your benefits


Payroll & Employee Benefits will submit your application to the Teachers' Retirement Systems (TRS) for you. You will receive from TRS a RETIREMENT BENEFIT OPTION SELECTION and TAX FORM PACKET. It is critical that you complete and return these forms to TRS prior to the effective date of retirement. You will also receive from the PEEHIP office a HEALTH INSURANCE AND OPTIONAL ENROLLMENT APPLICATION form for enrolling in PEEHIP. If you had health insurance with Auburn University just prior to retirement bring this completed form to Payroll & Employee Benefits so that we can certify to your continuous health insurance coverage through Auburn University. This will eliminate your having to serve a 270-day waiting period for preexisting conditions with PEEHIP.