Procurement and Business Services (pbs) provides a variety of services. The following information outlines services and contact information. If you have any other questions or comments regarding payments, please contact Missty Kennedy.

ServiceContact Person           Phone            
Professional Service Contract Approval
Tyler Adams
Courtney Raville
Voucher/Invoice Preparation and Auditing
  • To find out how to prepare a vendor voucher
  • To find out if an expenditure is allowable

Additional information is available from Spending Policies.
Charleen Freeman 334-844-7771
Travel Voucher Information

  • To find out how to prepare a travel voucher
  • To find out if an expenditure is allowable
  • To discuss travel related (travel, entertaining, relocation) questions/problems

Additional information is available in the Travel Policies.
Bonnie Sumlin 334-844-7771
University Purchasing Card Program
  • To find out if an expenditure is allowable to be purchased on the card
  • To find out how to prepare a Purchasing Card Reconciliation form
  • To get information about how to apply for a card
  • With general questions about the program
Additional information is available in the Purchasing Card Policies.
Debbie Griggs
Sharon Storrs
Susan Carol Stewart
Vendor Number Information
  • To inquire about a vendor number and/or get a new vendor assigned a number
Vicky Smith 334-844-7771
Records Center and File Maintenance

Customer Service Information
  • To find out if a check has been issued (and/or what the check number is) for a specific vendor
  • To find out if a check has cleared the bank (please have check number ready)
  • To correct a check issued to the wrong vendor
  • To correct the address on a check that has been returned as undeliverable
  • With questions about entries on your FOAPs

Voice Mail may pick up on our Customer Service line. Please leave as much information as possible. Messages are checked twice a day. Your call will be returned as soon as possible.
Joanna Moore

Denise Kimbrough
Melissa Schnarr
Student Refunds

Refunds of credit balances on student (BR) accounts are issued by Procurement and Business Services at the direction of the Student Financial Services. For questions about refund amounts and/or timing:
Student Financial Services

An overview of Procurement and Business Services is available quarterly in a group setting through the HRD program (OM140/HR230). To enroll contact:
Human Resources
Individual training and/or assistance is available for the following topics:
  • Vendor Payments
  • Travel Related Payments
  • Fellowships, Stipends, Awards
  • Purchasing Card
  • Banner Accounts Payable and Purchasing Modules
To schedule individual 30-60 minute sessions contact:
Missty Kennedy 334-844-7771
Other Informationbr/>
  • To inquire about or apply for the Corporate American Express and/or Diners Club cards
  • To request tax exemption forms
  • To request a letter to vendor to waive fees
Susan Salheiser 334-844-7771
  • Questions about 1099's issued
Wendy Sheen 334-844-7771
  • Questions about Unclaimed Property
Missty Kennedy 334-844-7771
  • To request a copy of a check and/or request that a check be canceled or duplicated, please send Customer Service a written request to one of the following:
    109 Ingram Hall
    Auburn University, AL 36849
Denise Kimbrough 334-844-2332
  • Preparing Internal Transaction Vouchers and Journal Entries
  • Establishing a new FOAP
Financial Reporting 334-844-4623