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Allegra Printing - Stationery Print

What is the Allegra Printing Stationery Program?
Allegra Printing will be providing all Auburn University departments with letterhead, business cards, and envelopes. The stationery program will expire December 31, 2021.

Who do I contact at Allegra Printing for assistance?

Marty Hamrick
General Manager

How do I create a new account with Allegra?
You will need to access the web portal, From there, you will need to click on "Create an account." Enter your information to create a new username and password. Please note that alternative shipping and billing addresses can be added to the account at a later time.

How do I access stationery services?
You will need to login to From there, you will need to click on the stationery item you want to order and select "View Items." Allegra has uploaded several pre-approved templates from Auburn University's Office of Communications & Marketing (OCM). All of the templates allow you to enter your information for each item. When you have selected the template you wish to use, click "View Details." You can now choose the quantity you wish to order, as well as the shipping destination (this can still be changed in the shopping cart). To personalize the stationery item, click "Customize Your Product Content." Once all data has been entered, please select "Update Preview" to view a proof of the stationery item. This is the only proof you will review and approve before your order is printed. After reviewing, you will check the box that states "Approval to Print" and then add the item to your shopping cart. Within the shopping cart, either update your shipping address or select "Proceed to Checkout" and complete the transaction.

An additional feature that this portal offers is the ability to save previous orders for your username under "Order History" and you can choose the "Reorder" option in the future without needing to re-enter or re-approve the information for the order.

Can the stationery templates be altered?
While you can customize the content of your stationery order, the templates cannot be altered. The templates were designed and approved by OCM.

How do I pay for my stationery orders?
Your Auburn P-Card is the method of payment. For orders placed online, you will be asked for your P-Card at checkout.

Do we have contract pricing for stationery printing?
Yes. Auburn University enjoys contracted print pricing for letterhead, business cards, and envelopes in compliance with the State of Alabama Bid Law allowing you to leverage the Allegra stationery program as needed.

Please contact John Corgill at in PBS or call 844-3561, if you have any additional questions.