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How do I sign up for/ begin using the FedEx program?
  • Simply click on the link; Then complete the brief application to create a new FedEx account number or to convert an existing FedEx account number.
  • Then go to and create user name and password.
NOTE: If you do not do both steps above, and you go directly to, you will not receive AU'S discount pricing.

What is the process to set up my AU Purchasing Card to pay for shipping charges associated with my FedEx account number?
Once you have received the e-mail notification from FedEx stating your account has been activated with the program pricing, please call FedEx at 1-800-622-1147 to connect the AU Purchasing Card to the account number.

Who do I contact if I have a problem logging into the web site or placing an order?
Call Steve Price, AU's account representative at 334-549-6509, or send Steve an email to

Who should I contact with general questions about the contract?
Call John Corgill at 334-844-3561 or send an e-mail to .

After I submit my application, how long does it take to activate my account with the FedEx contract pricing?
FedEx will receive your application for review the next business day after applying. You will then be notified via e-mail that your account has been activated in 4-7 business days. Within 10 days after account activation, you will receive a "Welcome Packet" from FedEx detailing Services and Support. Note: The conversion of multiple FedEx accounts at once could result in a delay of account activation beyond the 4-7 business day window.

I have multiple current FedEx account numbers to convert with many new users to "sign up" for the program. Is there a process using the on-line application to accept more than one account number conversion at the time?
Once you have selected "Transfer of Existing Account" on the application, complete the profile information, then enter the 9 digit FedEx account number and click the "Add" tab next to the box. Whether you are entering one account number or many, the "Add" button must be clicked to proceed. After clicking "Add", you can enter the next account number and repeat as necessary. After all account numbers are entered, complete the final portion of the application and submit.

My current Shipping Service vendor charges my institution for a pick up service. Will this fee be charged under AU'S contract?
For Express and Ground service, pick up fees are waived under this contract.

What is FedEx Ground?
FedEx Ground is the FedEx answer for reliable, cost-effective delivery of your ground packages with the consistent handling and professional attention you expect from FedEx. FedEx Ground delivers packages to 100% of business addresses in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, and to every residential address in the U.S. with FedEx Home Delivery Service.

Can I find out how much my shipment will cost?
For FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipments, your quote is based on rates associated with your FedEx account number. Once your account has been set up and activated with the agreement pricing, you will see estimated rates based on contract pricing.

Note: The rate estimate and actual shipping charges may vary for International shipments.

How do I schedule a pick up?
Just go to Pickup at or call 1-800-GoFedEx 1-800-463-3339.

How do I track my package en route and verify delivery?
Simply visit our Tracking page at Then go to Signature Proof to see proof of delivery. Ground delivery signatures are available by midnight on the day of delivery.

Can I get a copy of my FedEx Express Airbill?
Please contact the FedEx Revenue Services department at 1-800-622-1147 to request a copy of your airbill.

How do I order FedEx Express supplies?
You can order supplies online at , or call 1-800-645-9424.

Can I ship heavy Boxes with FedEx Ground?
Yes. FedEx Ground packages can weigh up to 150 lbs each and up to 130 inches in length plus girth. The limit for FedEx Home Delivery packages is 70 lbs.

For FedEx Ground shipments, the following services are available:
  • COD - The COD amount paid on delivery is sent to the shipper through the U.S. Postal Service within 10 days of collection.

  • Hazardous Materials (U.S. only) - Package contains hazardous materials.

  • Non-Standard Packaging - Check this option if your package: 1) measures greater than 60 inches in length but equal to less than 108 inches; 2) is not fully encased in an outer shipping container; 3) is encased in an outer shipping container made of wood or metal.

  • Return Label (U.S. only) - Select this option to print a return label. Then complete the Return Label screen.

  • Delivery Signature Option - Select from two FedEx Delivery Options: Direct signature required and Adult signature required.

What is the phone number for technical support regarding functions residing on (i.e. Tracking, Rates, etc.)?
For technical support regarding, call 1-877-FDX Assist (1-877-339-2774).

Are we required to purchase from the Preferred Vendor contract?
Yes, you are required to purchase from the Preferred Vendor Contract. Once you see the pricing on these contracts, we think you're going to WANT to purchase from them due to their very competitive pricing! Beyond that though, these vendors have been designated as the "Preferred Vendors" for AU for these particular commodities as the result of a competitive bid process. In general, making purchases outside the contract shouldn't be necessary. We understand from time to time there may be a justifiable reason to purchase off contract through a different vendor. However, when the need arises, you are potentially violating the bid law, as all of our contracts have been competitively bid and awarded. In that situation, please attach a note of explanation to the voucher/purchasing card recon. In some cases, PBS may follow up with others cases, the Preferred Vendor may follow up with you.

Please contact John Corgill in PBS at 334-844-3561 or send an e-mail to, if you have any additional questions.