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VWR International is proud to have been selected as the Preferred Laboratory Supplier for Auburn University. VWR offers a broad range of scientific products, pricing that was analyzed and will provide cost savings, and additional added value services. To support this contract, the following FAQ is designed to provide the basic information to allow the laboratories to take advantage of the agreement. If you need Internet Ordering Help, visit VWR's Internet Ordering FAQ.

Contract Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact regarding this agreement?
VWR has set up a team to support the Auburn University agreement, and it is led by your local account representative, Shea Granger. Shea and her field support team can be reached at the following numbers for any technical or product specific questions:

For general contract questions, please contact Beth Owen in PBS. Beth can be reached at the following:

What does this agreement include?
This competitively bid contract includes scientific chemicals and supplies.

Who do I contact for regular customer service support?
All Auburn University calls will automatically route to the VWR Education Team. The toll free number to reach the Education team is 866-890-8229. Faxes can be sent to 610-728-2267, and emails directed to

How can I place orders?
Orders can be placed using University P-Cards. They can be placed live with our customer support team, or online at To place orders on line, you will need an active profile, which requires a current account number and University email address. If an order will exceed $2499, a requisition will need to be prepared and approved. Once PBS receives and approves the requisition, Beth Owen will place the order using her P-Card and orders will be charged back to the departments.

What if I don't know my account number?
An order cannot be placed until a valid account number has been identified. Please call your customer support team, or Shea Granger to have an account established.

Will there be any training on using the VWR website?
Yes, VWR has committed to provide on campus training for all interested users. Please look for a schedule of training times /locations for Feb. 1st and 2nd.

When can I expect deliveries, and are there delivery charges?
VWR is committed to deliver in 24-48 hours from our regional distribution centers. The primary distribution center is located in Suwanee, GA. There are no freight charges on standard deliveries to the University.

How are returns and exchanges handled?
VWR has instituted a 'no hassle' policy for the University, and a simple call to the customer service team will lead to an easy return or exchange. Requests involving any credit of $100 or less will be expedited without a need for a return of the product, unless desired by the user.

What suppliers are included in this agreement?
VWR is a distributor for the major manufacturers that you have been accustomed to using, as well as many new and proprietary suppliers. They include but are not limited to: Beckman, Corning, Thermo, BD, Mallinckrodt Baker, Microflex, Labconco, Barnstead, Pall Gelman, Kimble-Kontes, EM Science, 3M, and many more.

Is there a minimum order charge on this agreement?
There are no minimum order charges. We do encourage the bundling of as many items on single orders as possible, as it saves both the University and VWR added costs.

How can I access pricing?
By logging onto the VWR website, and creating a personal profile, you can see Auburn University net prices. To set up a profile, all you will need is an active University account number, and your University email address. See the instructions on accessing

Is this my final pricing?
VWR has built the custom Auburn University website with pricing that was offered on the competitive bid and evaluated by the procurement committee. VWR has made every attempt to address the pricing needs of all departments. In the event that you find our discount program to not address your needs, or a price seems out of line from what you are used to, please alert Shea Granger. We will make every attempt to ensure that you are pleased with the results.

Who do I call for Technical Assistance?
Call the VWR Technical Resource Center at #888-897-5463 for specific support at the following:

Push 1 for Chemicals
Push 2 for Chromatography/Filtration
Push 3 for Life Science
Push 4 for Safety, Cleanroom and Apparel
Push 5 for General Lab Supplies
Push 6 for Instruments and Equipment

Are there any ordering restrictions of VWR products?
Some VWR products require a University license to order. These include some precursor chemicals, radioactives, and syringes. Please contact customer service should a product be identified as limited on the VWR website.

Will VWR provide samples for products not used before?
Yes, just contact Shea Granger. VWR has committed to an aggressive sampling program that will allow you to test products for use in your lab. Equipment demonstrations may be set up should you require them, and on site seminars will be scheduled to allow you to see and test the latest technology.

How will manufacturers be introduced to the University labs?
VWR will host manufacturers on campus on a regular basis, and also organize a "vendor fair" to include a large group of manufacturers pertinent to work being done on Auburn's campus. The first event will be held on February 3, 2010. Please look for more details as the date nears.

Are we required to purchase from the Preferred Vendor contract?
Yes, you are required to purchase from the Preferred Vendor Contract. Once you see the pricing on these contracts, we think you're going to WANT to purchase from them due to their very competitive pricing! Beyond that though, these vendors have been designated as the "Preferred Vendors" for AU for these particular commodities as the result of a competitive bid process. In general, making purchases outside the contract shouldn't be necessary. We understand from time to time there may be a justifiable reason to purchase off contract through a different vendor. However, when the need arises, you are potentially violating the bid law, as all of our contracts have been competitively bid and awarded. In that situation, please attach a note of explanation to the voucher/purchasing card recon. In some cases, PBS may follow up with you; in others cases, the Preferred Vendor may follow up with you.

Do I still buy specialty gases through Airgas?
Yes, campus should continue to purchase all specialty gases (i.e nitrogen, oxygen, helium) through Airgas, as they hold AU's specialty gas contract.