Preferred Vendor Contracts

Ricoh USA, Inc

Ricoh USA, Inc

Ricoh Representative
Alicia Werle
706-358-4921 (office)
706-593-2475 (cell)



What company was awarded the copier contract?
Ricoh USA

What are the terms of the contract?
60 month/5 year lease effective upon receipt of the machine. This is a lease and cost per copy contract.

Will we need to process PO's for this contract?
Yes, all invoices will be paid with a PO. You will reference the PO number and the account to be charged on all of your vouchers.

Do you have to immediately switch to Ricoh?
Yes and no. If you own your machine, you simply pay maintenance to the current vendor. All other machines should be under lease with Ricoh.

What brand of copiers will they be using?

How will we know which Ricoh machine will better suit our needs?
Alicia Werle from Ricoh will be happy to sit down with you to discuss your needs based on your past/current copier usage.

Who is Auburn's contact at Ricoh USA and how can we contact them?
Alicia Werle at 706-593-2475 (cell) or 706-358-4921 (office),

What is the charge for copies?
.0059 for black & white copies and .039 for color copies; copies will be billed based on usage.

Is there a maintenance charge included with this contract?
No, you will only pay for paper. All toner, staples and onsite service is included. Installation and training are also included.

Who do I contact first if I need a copier?
Burnette Tolbert in PBS at 4-3572,

Will these machines be networked?
Yes, if you do not currently have that capability in your office, please contact your IT provider.

Once machines are ordered, how quickly can we expect our new machine?
Just as soon as possible, usually within 2 weeks.

Who is responsible for installation?
Ricoh will work with the OIT representative for your department to get your device installed and connected to the network.

Who will handle repairs?
Ricoh USA. All machines have a service/repair sticker displayed clearly on the front panel of the device with your equipment ID. Service and supply requests can be placed in two ways:
  1. Online. You can register your Ricoh at and place all supply orders and service calls online 24/7.
  2. Phone. Call 888-456-6457 and reference the equipment ID number on the sticker.

How do I order toner and staples?
Toner can be ordered at no additional cost via the online portal at Please reference the equipment ID located on the sticker on the front of the copier when ordering toner and staples.

Will you be able to order a copier online?
No, you should always call or email AliciaWerle at 706-593-2475 or with machine requests.