Auburn University Preferred Vendors
for Charter Bus Services



What is the charter bus services contract?
Procurement and Business Services is pleased to announce four (4) vendors that will provide Auburn University with charter bus services. The four (4) vendors selected were based on a public RFP, in which all terms, conditions, and specifications were met or exceeded by each company. The four (4) vendors listed below are considered our "Preferred Vendors" for charter bus services. The program is effective immediately.

Who do I contact for assistance?
Vendors & Contacts:

Capital Trailways
Douglas Cumuze, Jr
334-832-4166 ext. 106

Champion Coach
Claudette Wire

Cline Tours
Frank Leyden

Southern Coaches
John Adams

Do we have contract pricing for charter bus services?
No, Auburn University does not have contracted prices for charter bus services.

How do I have my department's charter trips booked?
For all bus charter trips, departments will be required to get a quote from least three (3) of the four (4) vendors on this list. Once the quotes have been attained and reviewed, the department must use the lowest priced vendor for that specific job.

Who needs to sign the charter confirmation?
Procurement & Business Services will need to be the final signature on all charter confirmations. These can be sent to John Corgill at

Do I have to use the lowest quoted vendor?
Yes! Because these vendors have been prequalified and vetted, we know that they all provide quality service.

What is the required documentation for these transactions?
If the cost is below $2,999.99, a purchase order is not required.

Purchase requisitions must have the three (3) quotes attached as backup for the purchase order to be issued. When the invoice is processed to pay the purchase order the quotes do not have to be attached to the eVendor Voucher.

If the cost is below $2,999.99, a purchase order is not required, but all three (3) quotes will need to be included in the vendor voucher documentation.

What is the term of the agreement?
Agreements with the Preferred Vendors will be evaluated on an annual basis. Therefore it is very important that we receive input from you regarding the service received from the vendors and the quality of the product produced. Please use the Preferred Vendor feedback form to provide positive or negative feedback related to your charter experience.