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As of September 30, 2017, the Federal Perkins Loan program has expired. Unless future Congressional action reinstates the program, there will be no future funds available from this program. Students who have received a Federal Perkins Loan disbursement for fall 2017 will be eligible to receive the spring 2018 portion of their loan if they remain eligible.

This website provides information about your Campus-Based student loans (Federal Perkins, Health Professions and university student loans). If you are interested in the Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized loans, those are handled through the Financial Aid Office. Please visit their website at

Once you have been awarded a Health Professions loan or an Auburn University student loan, you will work with Student Financial Aid. We use the loan servicer Heartland/ECSI (formerly Campus Partners). See contact information below.

Our staff can provide guidance on questions regarding payments, types of loans, exit interviews and other information about your Campus-Based student loan. Please contact Heartland/ECSI (formerly Campus Partners) or our office if you need additional information or other help.

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General Information

If you are requesting information on how to obtain a Health Professions, Institutional, or other loan, please visit Financial Aid Loan Information. Once you have been awarded, and you have accepted a Health Professions and/or Institutional Loan, you will be contacted by email by Student Financial Aid with instructions on signing/e-signing your loan.


Contact Information
Heartland ECSI (formerly Campus Partners)
PO Box 2901
Winston-Salem, NC 27102-2901
Borrower Service Telephone Number: 1-800-334-8609
Website to e-sign prom notes: