It's human nature to avoid bad news
, but health screenings usually result in good news. In the event that a problem is detected, early treatment can be life saving. Please have all recommended health screenings and learn more about available screenings on campus.

Auburn University Statistics
In 2006 Willis of Alabama, Inc. and Auburn University gathered insurance statistics regarding screening eligibility and participation. Their research revealed the following:

Procedure - Condition Eligible Employees Participation Covered
by BCBS?
Mammogram - Breast Cancer
Screening Guidelines
2,647 1,177 - 44% Yes*
PAP Smear - Cervical Cancer
Screening Guidelines
3,656 1,654 - 45% Yes*
Multiple Methods - Colorectal Cancer
Screening Guidelines
Males - 1,473
Females - 1,637
189 - 13%
309 - 19%
PSA Blood test - Prostate Cancer
Screening Guidelines
2,318 398 - 17% Yes*

*Auburn University's Blue Cross Blue Shield Benefit can vary according to procedure. For example mammograms are covered as follows:
  • Covered at 100%of the allowance with no deductible or copay.
  • Limited to one exam annually for females age 35 and older.
  • Subject to the $25 office copay if applicable.(In-network (PPO))
  • Not covered (Out-of-network (non-PPO)).

Exact coverage amounts can change. You should check with Employee Benefits for up to date information.