Student Financial Aid
Types of Financial Aid


Student loan programs provide long-term, low-interest loans for students. Students must enroll at least half time (6 hours for undergraduates, 5 hours for graduates) each term in order to qualify for federal student loans. All loans must be repaid. There are several types of loans available at Auburn.

Only undergraduate students pursuing their first undergraduate degree who demonstrate high need as determined by the FAFSA are eligible for grants. There are several types of grants available at Auburn University.

The Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) provides students with part-time employment. Eligibility for this program is dependent upon financial need and available funds. FWS employees are paid bi-weekly for hours worked. Students are assigned work based on information provided on the FWS Information Sheet included with the award letter. Work schedules and positions are arranged with the hiring department; consideration is given to the student's class schedule.

Auburn University awards a number of scholarships to incoming and currently enrolled students each year. Scholarships awarded include Freshman Scholarships, Transfer Scholarships, General Scholarships, and Departmental Scholarships. Auburn also processes External Scholarships awarded by individuals or organizations external to the University.

The Veterans Resource Center provides the following services:
  • Processes veteran education benefit applications, changes, and terminations.
  • Verifies course enrollment.
  • Coordinates course of study with Academic Advisors.
  • Maintains student records.
There are many sources of outside aid that are available to supplement federal aid eligibility.