Student Financial Aid
Financial Aid for Summer Term


Summer Awards, Disbursement, and Enrollment Requirements:
Your initial award notification reflects the academic year only (fall and spring terms). Summer awards are reviewed separately during summer term registration. Students must register at least half time for summer classes prior to review of summer aid eligibility. Students who use their annual aid limits for fall and spring semester are not eligible for aid the following summer.

Enrollment requirements for summer are the same as for fall/spring. Students must enroll at least half time for loan funds, full time for most grant funds, and meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards. Pell grant funds are prorated based on hours.

Students enrolled half time only for the 2nd summer mini session will not have funds disbursed until just before the start date of the 2nd mini session.

If you enroll in 3 credit hours for the first or full session and 3 hours for the 2nd session, your funds will disburse at the beginning of the 1st session. However, if you drop your class for the 2nd mini session, you become less than half time and therefore ineligible for the funds. In this case, funds will be billed back to your account and due immediately.

Students who are not enrolled half time will not be eligible for aid. Half time enrollment for undergraduates is 6 hours, half time for graduate students is 5 hours.

If your aid does not meet or exceed charges, students are required to pay the difference by the due date or schedules will be canceled.