Student Financial Aid
Your Award


Your financial aid eligibility is determined by several factors including your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) as calculated by your FAFSA, timeliness of application, cost of attendance, classification, receipt of outside aid, satisfactory academic progress, minimum credit hour requirements, and availability of funds. Your award offer may consist of scholarships, grants, loans, Federal Work Study, or a combination of these programs. Scholarships and grants do not have to be repaid. Loans must be repaid. Federal Work Study awards are earned, and bi-weekly payment is made for work performed.

Accept or Decline Your Award(s)
After all eligibility requirements have been met and corrections, if required, have been made, you will receive an Award Notice, in the form of an offer, informing you of the aid for which you are eligible, your award amount, and conditions of your award. All award offers will be sent to Auburn email addresses with instructions to view and accept/decline award offers on My Finances. We plan to begin offering awards early February.

If you anticipate receipt of any outside aid including but not limited to fee waivers, outside scholarships, private loans or fellowships you MUST report the source and amount to our office. Failure to report this information may result in post-payment adjustments and immediate repayment of aid. Additional instructions will accompany the Award Notice Email.