Tiger Dining

Our mission is to enhance the Auburn experience by providing a wide variety of fresh, flavorful foods throughout campus. Whether you're dining at one of our buffets or eating at your favorite fast casual restaurant, you'll find just what you want here at Auburn!

Phone (334) 844-8504
Email dining@auburn.edu
Address 255 Heisman Drive
Student Center 2101
Auburn, AL 36849

Chicken Salad Chick, an original restaurant started in Auburn, Al, by an Auburn University grad, will be opening on campus in early 2015

Our Home Cooking Program allows students to enjoy authentic family favorite entrees at our cafeterias. Our executive chef carefully multiplies your favorite recipe to feed a large group. A recipe competition will determine the students' favorite, and the parent who submitted the recipe will be recognized. Submit your family favorite to: recipes@auburn.edu

Supporting Academic Success! There's a direct correlation: students who spend more time on campus, eating, studying with classmates, and interacting with faculty and staff tend to get better grades, graduate sooner, and are more satisfied with their university experience.

Access! Students are on campus all day. We offer them popular favorites, such as Chick-fil-A, Au Bon Pain, Panda Express, and Starbucks. Our own created brands, like Plains to Plate, Go Greek, Olo Sushi, and Wild Salad Bar, add an original touch to the menu. Food trucks provide additional dining choices, and can be easily moved to accommodate larger groups of students. Among the most popular food trucks are The General Lee (Hibachi), Grilled Cheezy, Momma Goldberg's, Charlie's Donuts, Smooth N Groove, and Whatchawant Hot Dogs.