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Form B in Excel Format

  1. Right click on the link FormB.xls and choose Save Target As... Remember where you saved the file!
  2. Open Microsoft Excel (Most users will click Start->Programs->Excel)
  3. Choose File->Open
  4. Open the file that you just saved to your computer.

  5. Fill in the department information on the first sheet.
  6. Enter applicant information by choosing the Applicant Information tab at the bottom left
    If you need help finding the Applicant Information tab, click here.
    If the sheet tabs are not visible, click View > Full screen; alternatively, minimize and maximize the worksheet window (not the main Excel window).

    You can also switch sheets by using <Ctrl><Page Down> and <Ctrl><Page Up>.
  7. To insert a row into the table, click on the row number on the left and click Insert->Rows at the top.
  8. To sort the document in alphabetical order, press Ctrl-A and then click the  button.

For help regarding this form, send e-mail to Michael Hill 

Last Updated: May 08, 2020