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See the People and Places of the Austin Virtual Geography Department meeting, June/July, 1998.

Instructional Modules

Auburn University Distance Learning World Regional Geography Course Homepage.
Auburn University Society, Culture, and Environment Course Homepage.

Course Syllabi and Materials

Link to Mark Healy's great News Site, World Regional Maps, his World Regional Web Sites, and his Map Quiz.

Go to Andy McAdams's great World Regional lab exercises.
See a sample World Regional Geography module on health and development issues, from Don Rambadt.

Other Resources

You may find CNN Newsroom as a great site for planning.

Link to Power of Place Web Site. The Power of Place World Regional Geography project includes 26 half-hour video programs providing penetrating insights into a range of geographic issues around the globe. Premiering on PBS in fall 1996, this telecourse provides a creative and insightful examination of the many geographic forces currently at work in shaping the complex features of the world's civilizations and environments. The 26 programs typically contain two 10-minute documentary-style case studies, or you can link to the Boston Script Web Site. This is the narration of one of the 26 programs in the Power of Place series, Boston: Ethnic Mosaic.

See the interactive maps being developed at Oregon!

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