Our Chapter present annual awards to outstanding individuals in the sciences, who have demonstrated excellence in their research or teaching works.

Deadline for Submission: Monday, April 18, 2011

Please submit nominations, preferable as electronic files, to:

Eleanor M. Josephson

Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology

109 Greene Hall

(334) 844-5423

FAX (334) 844-4542

  • Alum Sigma Xi Award. This award is presented annually by the Alumni Association and co-sponsored with the Auburn Chapter of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society. All Auburn faculty at the rank of Associate Professor or below who are actively engaged in research are eligible. Nominations are solicited from all members of Sigma Xi, department heads, deans, directors, and others. A committee made up of three members of Sigma Xi and a representative of the Office of the Vice President for Research selects the recipient each year.

    Eligibility: Any full-time faculty member, at any level (Assistant or Associate) Professor, nontenured or tenured, tenure-track or nontenure track.  Nominees must submit or have submitted in their name:

    1. An up-to-date CV and up to four research articles; only peer-reviewed articles are eligible. The CV and articles will be returned.

    2. A statement of research interests and the application of the work.

    3. Two letters of recommendation. One by the faculty member's chair or head and another by any faculty member (need not be Sigma Xi members) familiar with the nominee's work. Letters should target the research accomplishments of the nominee and the nominee's commitment and contributions to the research environment at Auburn University and at the National and/or International level.

    4. Nomination by letter, by two active full members of Sigma Xi. One or both may write reference letters.

    Faculty awardees will receive a plaque, a substantial monetary award from the Alumni Association. A 30-minute presentation suitable for a general audience will be delivered by the awardee at the Annual Banquet.

  • Carolyn Taylor Carr Outstanding Award Dissertation (Ph.D.) and the Meritorious Award (Outstanding M.S. Thesis). This award is given to the most outstanding Master's and Ph.D. Dissertations.

    Eligibility: Any student who has finished his/her thesis work in the current or immediately past academic year. Nominees must submit or have submitted in their name:

    1. A two to three page synopsis of the students work written by the student for a lay audience.

    2. The student's CV.

    3. A copy of the thesis OR peer-reviewed publications from the thesis.

    4. A supporting letter from sponsoring faculty member (need not be a SX member).

    5. Supporting nominations by two active full members of Sigma Xi; the sponsoring faculty member may be one of these.

    6. A completed membership nomination form, found here, if the candidate is not already a member. 

    The student's membership is paid by the local chapter the first year if he/she is a winner. Student awardees will receive a plaque and a monetary award.

  • High School Science or Mathematics Teacher Recognition Award. Each year, the Auburn University Chapter of Sigma Xi recognizes one high school teacher of science or mathematics from public or private schools from the area.


    Eligibility: Each school may nominate one or more teachers from their science and/or mathematics faculties. The nomination for each teacher should be no more than 3 pages and should include:

    1. A brief resume.

    2. A narrative stating qualifications and accomplishments (demonstrated qualities of excellence in teaching; involvement in fostering critical thinking and problem solving among students and/or commitment to teaching science and mathematics).

    3. A support letter from the school.



Deadline for Submission: Monday, April 18, 2011