How to Apply for the Eugene P. Odum Award

  1. The Eugene P. Odum Award is sponsored by the Southeastern Chapter of the Ecological Society of America. This award is given annually for the best student presentation [oral] on ecological research at the annual meeting of the Association of Southeastern Biologists [ASB].

  2. To be considered for the award, the student must: [a] submit an abstract and all pertinent information [including a request to be considered for the Odum Award] to the ASB meeting Program Director by the last date for submission of abstracts as published in the Southeastern Biology, and [2] submit a copy of the abstract and pertinent information to the Chair of the Odum Award Committee on or before the last date of submission of the abstracts. Failing to submit an abstract to the Chair of the Award Committee will result in that student NOT being considered for the award.

  3. The research presented for considered for the award must primarily be of the student's own design and must be a culmination of their work. Presentations that describe just preliminary work and data will NOT be considered for the award. The student must present the paper described by the submitted abstract [within reason]. Presentation of a totally different project will result in the student NOT being considered for the award.

  4. See the "Call for Papers" (September) issue of Southeastern Biology for details on submitting your abstract for the meeting and for the award.
Posted May 28, 2003