April 1999, Issue 99-2

Jerry Ritchie, Editor


Chapter Officers
Greetings from the Chair
Notes on Southeast Chapter Business Meeting in Wilmington, NC
ESA Meeting in Spokane
Odum Award Best Student Paper
Funding of Odum Award
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Chapter Officers:

Chair: Ken McLeod (1998-2000)
Vice-Chair: Mark Mackenzie (1997-1999)
Vice-Chair (elect): Scott Franklin (1999-2001)
Secretary/Treasurer: Jerry C. Ritchie (1998-2000)

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Greetings from the Chair

There are two issues that I bring to the attention of the membership in this newsletter. First, the activity level of the Chapter is declining. The Fall field trip was the first victim of the decline, as we have not sponsored a trip in many years. Next, we have experienced a decline in the interest to sponsor symposia at the ASB meeting. The interest in field trips and symposia are generated by the general membership, not by the officers. We can make arrangements for field trips but if no one comes, it doesn't happen. For next year's ASB meeting in Chattanooga, we already have an expressed interest in sponsoring a symposium and a request to arrange a field trip for the Wednesday preceding the meeting. Please plan now to spend an extra day at ASB to support this field trip. Bring yourself and your students and spend a day in the field with your fellow ecologists. If you have additional interest or comments, please send them to Dr. Scott Franklin, as he will be responsible for these activities. Second, we must support the Odum Award with our financial contributions. The Award fund is not financially self-sustaining. With 600 members, donations of only $10 to $20 per member would provide sufficient principal to finance the award from the annual interest. Surely all of us can afford this small amount to continue this outstanding award for graduate student excellence.

Ken McLeod, Chair SEC/ESA

Notes on Southeast Chapter Business Meeting in Wilmington, NC

Between 25 and 30 Southeast Chapter members met for the annual business meeting of Chapter at the annual meeting of the Association of Southeastern Biologists in Wilmington, NC on April 16, 1999. Dr. Scott Franklin of the University of Memphis was elected Vice-Chair for 1999-2001. Scott will officially take office at the annual meeting of the ESA in Spokane. The Chapter voted to cosponsor a conference on "Sustainability of wetlands and water resources: how well can riverine wetlands continue to support society into the 21st century" to be held in Oxford, Mississippi on May 23-25, 2000. The Chapter will sponsor a symposium at the Association of Southeastern Biologist Meeting in Chattanooga, TN in 2000 and also plans to offer a field trip in conjunction with that meeting.

ESA Meeting in Spokane

The Chapter will hold an informal meeting in Spokane at the Annual Meeting of the ESA. Be sure to visit our Web page ( for the latest information on the time and place of the Chapter meeting in Spokane.

Odum Award Best Student Paper

The 1999 Odum Award from the Southeast Chapter of the Ecological Society for the best paper presented by a student at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Southeastern Biologist was presented to Travis J. Ryan. Mr. Ryan, a native of North Carolina, is completing his Ph.D. at the University of Missouri under Dr. Ray Semlitsch. Presently he is working at the Savannah River Ecology Lab with his co-major advisor, Dr. Whitfield Gibbons. He received his B.S. and M.S. from Western Carolina University. The title of his presentation at the 1999 ASB Meeting was "Growth, metamorphosis, and maturation in a salamander (Ambystoma talpoideum) with a life cycle polymorphism" by Travis J. Ryan and Raymond D Semlitsch.

An Honorable Mention was awarded to Rebecca L. Brown at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill working with Dr. Robert Peet for her paper on "Species richness of native and exotic plants in southern Appalachian riparian zones".

Funding of Odum Award

Currently there are $4500 available to fund the Odum Award. Interest from this fund does not cover the cost of the award each year. Therefore, the Chapter is slowly using the principal. We need to increase the principal. There are currently more than 600 members of the Chapter. We are asking each member (and other interested ESA members) to contribute $10 to $20 to the Odum Award Fund. This would provide the principal necessary to produce enough income to cover the cost of the award each year. Contributions should be earmarked for the Southeast Chapter of ESA's Odum Award Fund and sent to the National Office of the ESA at:

Attn: Accounting
Ecological Society of America
2010 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 400
Washington, D.C. 20036

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Comments from Secretary

Use the Southeast Chapter of ESA Web Site ( to keep abreast of Chapter News and events. The Web site is updated with any breaking news. If you have News or an announcement send them to Mark Mackenzie ( who updates the Web site. Send the officers any comments or concerns you have.

Jerry C. Ritchie, Newsletter Editor

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