2000 Newsletters*

Issue 2000-4 October 2000 .html .pdf
Issue 2000-3 July 2000 .html .pdf
Issue 2000-2 April 2000 .html .pdf
Issue 2000-1 January 2000 .html .pdf

*As of 1999, the newsletters are available in both .html or .pdf format. The .html format can be read by all web browsers, contains embedded links to additional web pages, and does not require additional software. The .pdf format is perhaps the best format if you want to produce a hardcopy (i.e., printed) version of the newletters. To view .pdf files you will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here if you need information about downloading/installing the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Updated Friday January 18, 2002