Southeastern Chapter Ecological Society of America
Notes from Tucson, Arizona Meeting

The brown-bag lunch meeting of the Southeastern Chapter was held on Tuesday August 6, 2002.

ESA Council. Chair Niki Nicholas attended the ESA Council Meeting on Sunday, Aug. 4. Council voted to increase Chapter and Section dues to $3.00 per year from the previous $2.00 per year. In addition, the limitation of not being able to carry over an operating fund balance of more than $2000 from one year to the next has been removed. The Editorial Board of Ecological Applications requested that Chapters recommend members for its editorial board. Members of the Southeaster Chapter interested in serving in this capacity should send their resumes to Paul Schmalzer ( There was discussion of rechartering sections and chapters that have been inactive. Implications of this for the Southeastern Chapter are uncertain.

ASB Symposia. Two proposals were submitted for symposia at the Association of Southeastern Biologists Meeting in April 2003 in Washington, D.C. These were " Forest Fragmentation and Biodiversity in the Southeastern United States" organized by Scott Franklin and "Copper Hill" organized by Lynn Wellman. The Chapter voted to support both symposia for the ASB Meeting. Note: Lynn Wellman subsequently withdrew his proposal for 2003 and plans to resubmit for 2004.

ESA Symposia. Three proposals were submitted for symposia at the Ecological Society of America Meeting in August 2003 in Savannah, Georgia. These were: "Ecological Forces and Land Management Challenges for the Southeastern Landscape" organized by Diane De Steven and Beverly Collins, "Ecosystem Processes in Southern Bottomland Hardwood Forests" organized by M.K. Burke and K.W. McLeod, and "Using Rare Old-Growth Sites as Models for Conservation Ecology" organized by Frank Gilliam and William Platt. Chapters and Sections are allowed to sponsor one symposium at ESA meetings. After some discussion, a ranking vote of the three proposals was taken. The proposal on "Ecological Forces and Land Management Challenges" was ranked first.

ESA 2003 Meeting. The 2003 ESA Meeting will be in Savannah, Georgia August 3-8 at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center. Local Host Chair is Ronald Carroll.

ESA Bulletin and Frontiers. The ESA Bulletin will cease hard copy publication in October 2002; however, an online version of the Bulletin will continue. The new journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment is expected to begin publication in January 2003. The new journal will not be publishing Chapter news and announcements. Chapter members should check our web site ( and subscribe to our list server for information. Also, please be sure to include your correct, current email when you renew your ESA membership.

Posted October 3, 2002