Southeastern Chapter of the Ecological Society of America
Minutes from the Annual Business Meeting
New Orleans, LA, 1230 p.m., April 6, 2001
43 members in attendance

Dr. Niki Nicholas, Chair, opened the meeting. The minutes from the 2000 annual business meeting in Chattanooga were approved as written.

Dr. Scott Franklin announced the candidates for Vice-Chair (James Fralish, Pat Parr). Pat Parr was elected and will assume her new office as of the annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America in Madison this August.

Dr. Nicholas gave the Chair's report. She represented the Chapter at the ESA Board meeting in Snowbird in August. Business of note was raising dues. The Chapter had a very good, informal bag lunch meeting at the Snowbird meeting. Please plan to join us in Madison this August. The interim ASB meeting in Oxford, GA in September 2000 was related primarily to planning the spring ASB meeting. A major topic of discussion at the ASB executive committee meeting in New Orleans was the potential publication of a new journal, Southeastern Naturalist. This would be a sister journal to the Northeastern Naturalist. The Humboldt Institute of Maine has approached ASB regarding sponsorship of this journal.

Dr. Nicholas recognized committees that had served the Chapter over the past year. Bylaws Revision Committee: Scott Franklin (chair), Jim Fralish, Jay Gulledge, Phil Robertson; Odum Award Committee: Ken Marion (chair), Deb Moore, Mike Held; Silver Anniversary Committee: Bill Martin (chair), Don Shure, Eloise Carter, Ken McLeod. Mark MacKenzie served as Webmaster for the Chapter.

An email solicitation of Chapter members resulted in increasing the number of subscribers to the web page to 212.

Dr. Franklin presented the Vice Chair's report. The Silver Anniversary Celebration was the major programmatic activity this year. Proposals for symposia at the 2002 ASB meeting and the 2002 ESA meeting have to be finalized by September 2001.

Dr. Paul Schmalzer presented the Secretary/Treasurer's report. Chapter membership in 1999 was 498, and in 2000 it was 503. As of Dec. 31, 2000, 319 members had renewed membership for 2001. Chapter newsletters have been published quarterly on the Chapter web site and in the ESA Bulletin. The Annual Report was published in the ESA Bulletin (Jan. 2001 issue). Minutes of the April 2000 meeting were published on the web site and summarized in the newsletter. A summary of Chapter finances is as follows: Balance as of Dec. 31, 2000: General - $2619.76, Odum Award - $7419.37, Book Royalty: $1569.51. Since July 1, 1998, the Odum Award Fund increased by $2331.37. This includes $1021 in contributions and $1561.62 in interest. In 1999 and 2000, the award ($500) was paid from the general account and only the plaques were paid from the Award Fund. A detailed report was distributed.

Dr. Franklin presented the report of the Bylaws revision committee. Proposed revisions are posted on the Chapter Web site. These will be voted on at the Chapter Business Meeting in 2002.

There was no old business.

Under new business, Dr. Schmalzer explained that the Book Royalty Fund had originally been set up to receive royalties from the Biodiversity of the Southeastern United States publications with the fund to be used to support field trips. However, in recent years attendance at Chapter-sponsored field trips had been poor, and most planned trips had been cancelled. No funds had been expended for the restricted purpose. He suggested that the Royalty fund be transferred to the Odum Award fund in order to move the Award fund closer to the point of being able to support the annual award. In the discussion, Dr. Weltzin (Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville) asked whether the fund could support a poster award in addition to the paper award. The income from the fund at present would not support two awards of $500. It was moved and seconded to transfer the Book Royalty Fund to the Odum Award Fund; the motion passed.

Dr. Eugene Odum indicated that he would make a donation of $1000 to the Odum Award Fund.

Dr. Nicholas indicated that a new member of the Odum Award Committee was needed as Ken Marion was rotating off the committee after serving three years. Jim Fralish agreed to serve on the committee.

This concluded the business section of the meeting.

The Program section for the Silver Anniversary Celebration followed.

Jessica Stapp read a letter from ESA President Stephen Carpenter congratulating the Chapter on its 25th Anniversary.

Dr. Nicholas recognized previous officers of the Chapter. A list is posted on the Chapter web site. Dr. William Martin recognized previous winners of the Odum Award. A list is posted on the Chapter web site.

Dr. Frank McCormick (University of Tennessee, Knoxville, emeritus) gave a presentation titled "Ecological Adventures"

Dr. Eugene Odum (University of Georgia, emeritus) gave a presentation titled "Ecological vignettes: ecological approaches to human predicaments"

Respectfully Submitted,

Paul A. Schmalzer