Southeastern Chapter of the Ecological Society of America
Minutes from the Annual Business Meeting
Chattanooga, TN, 12:30 p.m., April 7, 2000
29 members in attendance

Dr. Ken McLeod, Chair, opened the meeting. The minutes from the 1999 annual business meeting in Wilmington were approved as written.

Dr. McLeod gave the secretary/treasurer report. There are no more concerns about the main ESA office and they have provided answers to our budgetary questions. The budget was approved.

Dr. Scott Franklin gave the activities report. Because only four individuals signed up for the Biodiversity field trip, it was canceled. A focused workshop or retreat has been suggested for next fall or spring. Ideas are welcome! It was especially noted that we try to get students involved, perhaps by reducing the price (of the field trip and the meeting luncheon). The collection of papers on Atlantic white cedar during the meeting went well. We should try to develop a full symposium for next year!

Next year is the 25th anniversary of the Chapter. The Chapter was born at the 37th Annual Meeting of the Association of Southeastern Biologists in New Orleans, LA on April 23, 1976. Frank McCormick and others signed a petition asking ESA to approve the formation of the Southeast Chapter. Since next year's ASB meeting is also in New Orleans, to celebrate our anniversary, several individuals expressed interest in developing special events for the meeting. It was decided that we should sponsor a workshop entitled, "Careers in Ecology" (similar to the well-received "Careers in Biology" workshop hosted by ASB this year), a field trip, and inviting Eugene Odum to present the Odum Award. Other ideas are welcome! (Dr. Franklin is responsible for coordinating activities;

Dr. Ken McLeod announced the candidates for Chair (Niki Nicholas, Don Young) and Secretary/Treasurer (Paul Schmalzer). Niki Nicholas was elected as chair and Paul Schmalzer was elected as the Secretary/Treasurer. They will assume their new offices at the annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America in Snowbird this August.

Dr. Mark MacKenzie has agreed to continue to host the homepage ( for another year. Thank you, Mark! If you are not on the listserver that sends out announcements and web page updates, simply sent your e-mail address to

Dr. Howard Neufeld announced there were 17-18 papers presented for the Odum Award. He asked for the Chapter's approval of his motion that an individual may submit only one paper for judging per year. The motion was approved by the Chapter. It was also mentioned that there is a new Odum Education Award sponsored by the ESA parent society. Thus, when you are contributing to the award to keep it sustainable (contributions still needed), please be sure you specify the award you wish to fund.

Dr. Ken McLeod announced that if anyone was interested in proposing a symposium for the annual ESA meetings, they will increase the probability of acceptance of their symposium, if a chapter or section sponsors it. Therefore, they need to seek the endorsement of the Chapter and do so before the last minute before the deadline. The Chapter will be sponsoring a symposium and meeting informally at the Snowbird meeting, but arrangements are not yet finalized. Keep an eye on the program.

The past several years, ESA has requested proposals to support the "Long Range Plan" of the organization. The Chapter has not applied for these funds, although there was some discussion in the past year to request funds to support education activities associated with the ASB meeting. This is likely source for some funding to support the "Careers in Ecology" workshop being proposed for the 2001 meeting.

Dr. Ken McLeod discussed two resolutions that have been on the table in the past six months. A "Roadless Areas" resolution was submitted to the chapter last fall. The parent ESA organization has to approve any resolution being considered by any section or chapter. During our review process, ESA decided to draft their own resolution, incorporating parts of ours, and their statement was submitted to appropriate government officials.

A second resolution dealing with the "Needmore Tract" is in its final revisions. Because this is a regional concern rather than national (as with "Roadless Areas"), ESA has left the drafting of the resolution to our Chapter. However, the ESA Governing Board still needs to approve the resolution. After that approval, the Executive Committee of the Chapter will consider the resolution and act for the membership. A motion was made by Dr. Bill Martin to support a SE-ESA Chapter resolution on the "Needmore Tract", which would be similar to the one adopted by ASB today in their business meeting. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Look for the final draft of the resolution on our web page soon.

Respectfully Submitted,
Scott Franklin for Jerry C. Ritchie

List of Attendees:

Ken McLeodSREC
Scott FranklinU. Memphis
Mike HeldSt. Peterís College
Jarvis HudsonFayetteville State University
Joe E. WinsteadMorehead State University, KY
Terry D. RichardsonUniv. North Alabama
Paul SchmalzerDynamic/Kennedy Space Center
Jim FralishSouthern Illinois University Carbondale
Phil RobertsonSouthern Illinois University Carbondale
Niki NicholasTennessee Valley Authority
Dean CockingJames Madison University
Howard NeufeldAppalachian State University
Cliff HuppUSGS
Robert TurnerSAMAB/ORNL
Steve BakerOxford College/Emory
Chris HopperR.J. Goldstein & Assoc. Raleigh, NC
Gerald PotternR.J. Goldstein & Assoc. Raleigh, NC
J. Dan PittilloWestern Carolina University
Mike BaranskiCatawba College
Claudia HollisEast Carolina University
Madeline BurbankAtlanta, GA
W.D. BurbankAtlanta, GA
Elosie CarterOxford College
Tom WenthworthN.C. State University
Don ShureEmory University
Larry WilsonFernbank Science Center
Shannon GalbraithEastern Kentucky University
Bill MartinEastern Kentucky University
Andy AshUNC-Pembroke

Posted Monday, July 10, 2000