Southeastern Chapter of the Ecological Society of America
Minutes of the Annual Business Meeting
Wilmington, NC, 12:30 pm, April 16, 1999
25 members in attendance

Dr. Ken McLeod, Chair, opened the meeting.

Candidates for Vice-Chair were introduced (Dr. Scott Franklin, University of Memphis, and Dr. Howard Neufeld, Appalachian State University). Ballots were distributed. Dr. Scott Franklin was elected Vice-Chair for 1999-2001. He will assume office following the National ESA meeting in Spokane.

Dr. Jerry Ritchie gave the Secretary/Treasurer report. Chapter budget now appears to be correct. Funds are available for activities.

Dr. Cliff Hupp reported on the activities of the Odum Award Committee. There were 12 paper presentations for judging. Dr. Hupp thanked those who had helped judge papers for the Committee. The winner will be announced at the ASB Banquet.

After discussion it was decided to pay the Odum Award costs from the regular budget this year rather than from the Odum Fund Budget. The Award fund needs to be increased to about $10,000 so that it can be financially self-sustaining. A donation of only $20.00 from each of the 600+ members of the Southeastern Chapter would easily make this happen. An ad-hoc committee will be appointed to begin fund raising efforts for the Odum Award.

The Chapter voted to co-sponsor a conference on "Sustainability of wetlands and water resources: how well an riverine wetlands continue to support society into the 21st century", to be held in Oxford, Mississippi on May 23 -25, 2000, if the chapter were listed separately from the National ESA as a sponsor. The Chapter also voted to provide up to $300 to support the symposium, if funds were available.

The Chapter felt that we should invite Dr. Eugene Odum to attend the ASB/Chapter meeting in Chattanooga in 2000 and present the Odum Award to the winner. Dr. Odum would also be invited to make a presentation at the Friday luncheon.

The Chapter will propose a Symposium on Atlantic White Cedar at the ASB meeting in Chattanooga in 2000. Drs. Rob Atkinson and Frank Day will organize the symposium.

It was suggested that the Chapter should try to have a field trip in conjunction with the ASB meeting in Chattanooga, TN. Dr. Scott Franklin will head this effort

Posted Friday, April 30, 1999