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Auburn University Advisors and Counselors Caucus Membership Roster


Agriculture Architecture Athletics
Business Education Engineering
Forestry Human Sciences Liberal Arts
Nursing Sciences and Math


MBA Program Pharmacy Veterinary Medicine

College of Agriculture
103 Comer Hall
Paul Patterson
Associate Dean for Instruction
Joni Richards
Advisor Coordinator, Agricultural Comm.

Academic Advisor
Dale Coleman, Advisor Coordinator, Animal Sciences
Robert Nelson, Advisor Coordinator, Agricultural Business and Economics
Leonard Bell, Advisor Coordinator, Poultry Science
David Weaver, Advisor Coordinator, Agronomy & Soils
Tracy Collier-Cline, Academic Program Assistant, Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures
Harry Ponder, Advisor Coordinator, Horticulture
Bryan Brown, Student Services Coordinator
Joey Shaw, Advisor Coordinator, Environmental Science
College of Architecture, Design, and Construction
120 Dudley Hall
Joyce Griffin
Director of Student Services
Regina Casillas
Academic Advisor
Kristi MeGahee
Academic Advisor
Student-Athlete Support Services Student-Athlete Development Center
Auburn Athletic Complex
Dr. Gary Waters
Senior Associate Athletics Director for SASS, Co-Academic Counselor: Gymnastics
Cathie Helmbold
Associate Athletics Director for SASS
Alexandria Brice
Learning Specialist/Academic Counselor: Football
Kathy Friedenreich
Academic Counselor: M. Basketball, M Golf, M/W Swimming & Diving
Courtney Gage
Assistant Athletics Director, SASS, Football Academic Support, Academic Counselor: Football, W. Tennis
Dr. Kirsten Perkins
Academic Counselor/Learning Specialist: Baseball
Janice Robinson
Academic Counselor: Volleyball
Garon Rowland
Academic Counselor: M Tennis, Equestrian, W. Basketball, Co-Academic Counselor: Gymnastics
Jenna Sample
Academic Counselor: Football, Soccer
Troy Smith
Academic Counselor: M/W Track & Field/XC, Softball
Dr. Mary Ann Taylor-Sims
Learning Specialist/Academic Counselor: W Golf
College of Business
23 Lowder
Beth Ann Mabrey
Director, Student Services
Terrell Bean
Academic Advisor
Christian Demyan
Academic Advisor
Susan Herren
Academic Advisor
Wadine Williams
Academic Advisor
College of Education
3464 Haley Center
Kathryn Burnett
Academic Advisor
April Colley
Academic Advisor
Collen Fitzpatrick
Academic Advisor
Tina Gottesman
Academic Advisor
Robin Martin
Academic Advisor
College of Engineering
1210 Shelby
Dr. Bob Karcher
Assistant Dean of Student Services
Jane Lamb
Academic Advisor
Destiny Valle
Academic Advisor
Laura Kincaid
Academic Advisor
John Raines
Director of Academic Advising
Mary Lynn Saidla
Engineering Scholarship Coordinator
Rob Kulick
Academic Advisor, Aerospace Engineering
Barbara McCormack
Academic Advisor, Computer Science &Software Engineering
Jennifer Harris
Academic Advisor, Chemical Engineering
JoAnn Loden
Academic Advisor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
LuAnn Simms
Academic Advisor, Industrial & Systems Engineering
Karen Clark
Academic Advisor, Mechanical Engineering
Kat Storey
Academic Advisor, Civil Engineering
Shirley Scott-Harris
Director, AT&T Minority Engineering Program
School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
602 Duncan Drive
Dr. Jodie Kenney
Director, Student Services
Lisa Hollans
Student Services Coordinator
College of Human Sciences
266 Spidle Hall
Dr. Susan Hubbard
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Katie Lackey
Academic Advisor
Kimberly Parker
Academic Advisor
College of Liberal Arts
321 Tichenor Hall
Dr. Michael Waldrop
Director of Student Services
Rick Enkeboll
Academic Advisor
Melissa Adams
Academic Advisor
Jonathan Hallford
Academic Advisor
Andrea Middleton
Academic Advisor
Bre Aunna McKenzie
Academic Advisor
Lori McLean
Academic Advisor,School of Communication and Journalism, 225 Tichenor
School of Nursing
118 Miller Hall
Pam Hennessey
Academic Advisor
College of Sciences and Mathematics
239 Sciences Center Classroom
Beverley Childress
Director of Pre-Health Professions
Anna Burchett
Academic Advisor
Krysta Diehl
Academic Advisor
Kristin Smith
Academic Advisor
Beth Yarbrough
Director, Student Services
Master of Business Administration
503 Lowder
Joye Hughes
Academic Advisor
School of Pharmacy
216 Pharmacy Building
Laurie Kenney Smith
Academic Advisor
College of Veterinary Medicine
217 Goodwin Hall
Dr. Donna W. Angarano
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Ms. Kaye G. Storey
Coordinator of Admissions and Student Services
Cater Center
113 Cater Hall
Nicole Gaillard
Academic Advisor
Jennifer O'Gwynn
Academic Advisor
Honors College
200 Cater Hall
Kathie Mattox
Associate Director for Student Academic Success
Molly Jenkins
Academic Advisor