Hypoptopomatinae Eigenmann and Eigenmann, 1890


Hypoptopoma sp., photo by K.S. Cummings

Nannoptopoma spectabilis, photo by J.W. Armbruster

Schaefer (1998) provides the most recent review of the Hypoptopomatinae, but much has been done with the subfamily since.



Hypoptopomatines can be separated from all other loricariids based on the presence of an exposed pectoral girdle lateral to the coracoid strut.  The entire pectoral girdle may be expsoed as in the Hypoptopoma below, or just a portion as in the Parotocinclus.


Schaefer, S. A. 1998.  Conflict and resolution: impact of new taxa on phylogenetic studies of the Neotropical cascudinhos (Siluroidei: Loricariidae).  Pp. 375-400 In Malabarba, L.R.  R.E. Reis, R.P. Vari, Z.M.S. Lucena, and C.A.S. Lucena (editors), Phylogeny and Classification of Neotropical Fishes,

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