Central Atlantic Magmatic Province: Related Links

Earth System Processes - GSA Global Meeting, June 24-28, 2001 (abstracts on line)
Spring 2001 AGU session on mantle tectonics in the northeast (abstracts on-line)
Mantle Plume Symposium -- European Union of Geologists 2001 meeting (pdf abstracts file)
Catastrophic Events and Mass Extinctions Conference (July 2000) (abstracts on-line)
Penrose 2000 Conference on Volcanic Rifted Margins (abstracts on-line)
GSA Today report on the Penrose VRM Conference (pdf file)
Spring 1999 AGU CAMP symposium abstracts  (abstracts on-line)
Fall 2000 AGU session on volcanic gas emissions (abstracts on line)
Fall 2000 AGU session on timing of volcanic events (abstracts on line)
New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference
Paul Olsen's site for the Pangaean Drilling Workshop
Paul Olsen's Columbia University course on Dinosaurs
Tr-J Working Group at Rutgers
The IGCP 458 Project on the Tr-J Boundary
EUG XI symposium on mantle plumes (pdf document of abstracts)
RIDGE workshop on plume-ridge interactions
Don L. Anderson's Home Page
IUGG99 Symposium on LIP's
Connecticut Geology teacher site
Commission on Large Volume Basaltic Provinces
U. Texas Large Igneous Province study group
U.Texas bibliography of LIP's
USGS site on flood basalts
MARGINS organization
Jozsef Palfy's Tr-J web page
Floodbasalts, mantle plumes, and mass extinctions
International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior
World Cratering Database web site
Report from the 1997 Volcanic MARGINS workshop
MARGINS 1993 workshop on Magmatism and Mass Fluxes at Plate Margins (abstracts on-line)
Book review by Willis Hames of 'Evolutionary Catastrophes: The Science of Mass Extinction' by Vincent Courtillot.
Geochemical tracers of mantle processes
Digital Tectonic Activity Map
Namibia Volcanic Margin Traverse Project
The Caribbean-Columbian Oceanic Plateau LIP
The Caribbean GeologyWebsite
The Ontong/Java LIP
Kerguelen Plateau-Broken Ridge LIP
Global Volcanism Home Page
U. Wisconsin "volcano lovers" site
Volcano World site on Iceland
Nordic Volcanic Institute
Volcanoes Online
Volcanic/Magmatic Studies Group
Global Atmospheric Emissions
Dewey McLean's website on the K-T debate
Fundy Geological Museum
Dinosaur State Park