This web site contains a compilation of literature data, contributions from colleagues, and my own understandings, observations, and biases about the world's largest (in area anyway) Large Igneous Province (LIP), which is CAMP -- the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province.

After many years of investigating dikes and lava flows of this province, a small group of petrologists, geochemists, and tectonophysicists on both sides of the Atlantic continue to work on how this magmatism is related to plate tectonic events, Mesozoic basins, mantle convection, rifting of Pangaea, and creation of the Atlantic Ocean.  Many have always believed the clues are there, which when found (and understood) will help to answer fundamental questions of how our Earth works.  This web site is dedicated toward that goal.

This site was inspired by the very interesting 1999 Spring AGU symposium on CAMP (organized mainly by Bill Hames), followed by the wonderful Pangea Drilling Conference in Nova Scotia (organized by Paul Olsen and colleagues), in which CAMP was realized to be a pivotal subject.  Check out abstracts and summaries of these and other meetings using the links page.  You are welcome to use any materials and data sets from this site on the condition that you properly acknowledge the source, and/or acknowledge this site, and/or give credit to anyone who may be listed as an author or contributor of data, as appropriate.  Please contact me if you can contribute materials (data, figures, photos, references, etc.) to this web site.

The contact of the Hampden basalt with the East Berlin formation, Rte 9 roadcut in Berlin, Ct., with me (Greg McHone) for scale.