Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) web site

Introduction  A brief explanation of this site and about the site author.

Maps and Figures  Sketches and maps of dikes and basalts, and manuscript figures.

Photographs  My own photos of CAMP dikes and basalts, mainly from northeastern North America.

Data TablesTables of whole rock and mineral analyses, and modern radiometric analyses, from the literature as well as unpublished, organized by locations of dikes, basalts, or sills (not all have names).  Also, tables comparing geographical data, different LIP's, etc.

Discussions  A section with real facts and my wishful thinking about flood basalts in general and CAMP in particular.

Papers and Manuscripts  Some of my work in manuscript form, and work from others that you might be interested in.  Contributions of your papers are welcome, which I promise not to edit (although I might not resist a comment or two).

Bibliography Publications about CAMP and Atlantic rifting, subdivided by regions.

AGU CAMP Monograph   Announcement, information, and preliminary abstracts for an AGU book project.

Related Links  A selection gleaned from the internet.

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