Preliminary abstracts of papers being considered for an AGU Monograph on "The Central Atlantic Magmatic Province" edited by W. Hames and others (all rights are reserved by the authors before publication, and texts are subject to change):

Evaluation of radiometric ages for the central Atlantic magmatic province; timing, duration and possible migration of magmatic centers
by Ajoy K. Baksi

Chronology of continental flood basalts and seaward-dipping reflectors of the North American Atlantic continental margin
by Richard N. Benson

The Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) in Brazil - Petrology, Geochemistry, 40Ar/39Ar Ages, Paleomagnetism and Geodynamic Implications
by Angelo De Min, Enzo M. Piccirillo, Andrea Marzoli, Giuliano Bellieni, Paul R. Renne, Marcia Ernesto, and Leila S. Marques

Paleomagnetic and Geochemical Constraints on the timing and Duration of the CAMP Activity in northeastern Brazil
by M. Ernesto, G. Bellieni, E. M. Picrillo, L. S. Marques, A. De Min, I. G. Pacca, G. Martins, and J. W. P. Macedo

Emplacement of the North Mountain basalts of the 200 Ma CAMP event: Evidence from the Magnetic Fabric
by R. Ernst, J. Z. de Boer, P. Ludwig, and T. Gapotchenko

The northernmost CAMP: 40Ar/39Ar age, petrology and Sr-Nd-Pb isotope geochemistry of the Kerforne dike, Brittany, France
by Fred Jourdan, Andrea Marzoli, Herve Bertrand, Michael Cosca, and Denis Fontignie

Volatile emissions of Central Atlantic Magmatic Province basalts: Mass assumptions and environmental consequences
by J. Gregory McHone

Cyclo-, Magneto-, and Bio-stratigraphic Constraints on the Duration of the CAMP Event and its Relationship to the Triassic-Jurassic Boundary
by Paul E. Olsen, Dennis V. Kent, Mohammed Et. Touhami, and John Puffer

A Reactivated Back-Arc Source for CAMP
by John Puffer

Temporal Chemical Variations within Lowermost Jurassic Tholeiitic Magmas of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province
by V.J.M. Salters, P.C. Ragland, W.E. Hames, and K. Millaino

Relative Timing of CAMP Rifting, Continental Breakup, and Inversion: Tectonic Significance
by R.W. Schlische, M.O. Withjack, and P.E. Olsen.

The late Triassic-Early Jurassic volcanism of Morocco and Portugal in the geodynamic framework of the opening of the Central Atlantic Ocean
by NasrdineYoubi, L. T. Martins, J. M. Munha, Hassan Ibouh, Jose Madeira, El H. A. Chayeb, and A. El Boukhari.

Instructions to authors for formatting your camera-ready AGU Monograph paper (large Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 2.1 mb)

Dear Colleague,

   The American Geophysical Union has accepted a proposal for a monograph tentatively titled 'The Central Atlantic Magmatic Province' that will be published in late 2001 or early 2002.  This proposal and resulting monograph are based on the theme of an American Geophysical Union symposium held in the Spring of 1999 (see EOS Transactions, vol. 80, no. 17, pages 316-317; or click on AGUabstracts).

   We wish to foster development of a book containing papers that explore the development and manifestations of the CAMP from an interdisciplinary context, including perspectives from tectonics, geophysics, geochemistry and petrology, geochronology, stratigraphy, paleontology, and climate-change processes.  As the CAMP has only recently been recognized as a large igneous province, there is no single published work that defines the nature of the CAMP and explores its tectonic, geophysical, and possible climatic effects.  Considering the scale of the CAMP, the alternative mechanisms for explaining its origin, and its apparent coincidence with one of Earth's most profound mass extinctions, there is a need in the general scientific community for a single book that summarizes our present knowledge about the CAMP.  Our goals in organizing such a volume are to providea single, integrated source for papers that: 1) briefly summarize and describe the CAMP and its plausible relationship to the Triassic-Jurassic mass extinction; 2) define the extent, composition, duration, and tectonic setting of  the CAMP with a series of topical papers; and, 3) develop the various geodynamic and climate models that can account for the origin and effects of the CAMP.

   All manuscripts will follow a standard peer-review process, as would regular submissions to the journal Tectonics (see the AGU website instructions for contributors or contact the editor for instructions on preparing manuscripts for AGU monographs).  Further information and future updates for this volume will be sent to you via email or regular mail and included in this CAMP website.


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