Here is a bibliography of about 380 papers (prints to 21 pages) related to the central Atlantic magmatic province (CAMP) and eastern North American seaward-dipping reflectors (SDR's).  The references are subdivided among general papers and regional papers.  There also are many older regional papers, but unless someone wants them included, they may not be useful enough to punch in.  Because these ref's are mostly lifted from different sources, they have several formats, but if you lift them yourself you may need to change that anyway.  I would appreciate learning of others, especially new ones and papers in non-English journals (email Greg).

Thanks for contributions from:  Bill Hames (20Aug99); Moulley Charaf Chabou (26Sept99); Paul Ragland (27Oct99); Jozsef Palfy (15June00), and Rafael Barboza Gudino (21May01).

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General Models, Tectonics, and Mass Extinction References
SDR and Atlantic Ocean/Continent Margin References
Atlantic Canada References
Eastern USA References (covering both NE and SE)
Northeastern USA References
Southeastern USA/Gulf of Mexico References
Northwest Africa and Western Europe References
West Africa and South America References