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Here are some cool links that geology people might find informative:


Plate Motion Calculator    http://sps.unavco.org/crustal_motion/dxdt/nnrcalc/
Cornell's Digital Earth http://atlas.geo.cornell.edu/webmap/?Submit=Start+Application++  
Geological Pattern for Graphic Software http://structure.harvard.edu/~plesch/map%20patterns/
All about Plate Tectonics http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plate_tectonics
Plate Tectonic Animations http://www.scotese.com/newpage13.htm
3D movable Paleoglobes http://www.scotese.com/Default.htm
Geology Shop http://www.geologyshop.co.uk/platet~1.htm
Arsenic Crisis Information Center http://bicn.com/acic/
All About Minerals http://mineral.galleries.com/minerals/by-name.htm
Geological Society of America http://www.geosociety.org/ 
American Association of Petroleum Geologists http://www.aapg.org/
American Geophysical Union http://www.agu.org/
International Association of Hydrogeologists http://www.iah.org/
Society for Sedimentary Geology http://www.sepm.org/index.htm







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