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  • You will not receive credit for any courses taken while on suspension from Auburn.
  • You will receive hours credit at Auburn for approved courses at other institutions, but the grades you earn will not be averaged into your Auburn GPA.
  • Remember you will have to report ALL grades to any graduate or professional school or any employer who asks for your transcript, so ALL GRADES ARE IMPORTANT!
  • Please read the following instructions on securing permission from your Academic Advisor to take classes at another institution.
    • Apply to the other college as a TRANSIENT student.  This means you plan to take classes at another institution for a semester, but will return to Auburn after that semester.
    • Meet with your Academic Advisor in the Dean’s Office to fill out a TRANSIENT FORM/LETTER OF GOOD STANDING.  Bring a printed copy of the other college’s schedule for the term you plan to be away from AU as well as the other college’s mailing address.
    • Be prepared with a list of courses you would like to take at the other college, and your Academic Advisor will help determine which classes can transfer and tell you what credit you will receive.
    • Once your Academic Advisor has signed your transient form, you will take the form to the Auburn University Registrar’s office in Mary Martin Hall to be stamped.
    • You will mail or drop off the signed, stamped transient form to the other institution PRIOR to registration.
    • Request 2 copies of your transcript be sent from the other institution to Auburn University’s Registrar’s Office once your grades have been posted.


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