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Pre-Health Programs


Applying to Professional Schools


  • Suggestions/Tips
    • Work with an academic advisor for correct course selection
    • Complete all prerequisite courses by the end of the sophomore year
    • Take additional upper-level science courses to improve preparation
    • Earn outstanding grades, especially in all science courses
    • Prepare thoroughly for all admission tests, taking several timed, practice tests
    • Assess your competitiveness for admission before applying
    • Apply early and to all schools in your state of residency
    • Proofread and revise the personal statement and ask others to read and edit it
    • Monitor the status of your application
    • Prepare well for professional school interviews
    • Send a thank-you note promptly after the interviews
  • PPAC Process
    • PPAC stands for Premedical Professions Advisory Committee
    • Members include AU Pre-Health Professions Programs Director and four faculty interested in health-care issues.
    • PPAC simplifies application process for students and professional schools prefer committee evaluations 
    • Annual meetings about PPAC in January, February and March
    • Web-based instructions also available for all applicants
    • Committee members interview applicants and write individual letters of evaluation
    • Applicants select three external evaluators who submit individual letters to PPAC
    • Composite committee evaluation includes content from the individual letters and rating of the applicant relative to other applicants
    • Committee sends all evaluation materials to schools for the applicant
  • National Admissions Tests
    • Allow time to repeat admissions tests if necessary
    • Take several timed, full-length practice tests to prepare
    • Have acceptable test scores on file with PPAC by July 1 of the application year
    • Medical College Admission Test information available at
    • Dental Admission Test information at
    • Optometry Admission Test information at
    • Graduate Record Exam information for PT programs at
    • Pharmacy College Admission Test information at