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Student Organizations


One of the most important things you can do at Auburn is to become involved in one or more of COSAM's student organizations. These organizations are a way in which you can learn a great deal outside the classroom environment. The following is a list of some of the benefits of participating in one of our student organizations:

    • Find other students who share your interests
    • Provide leadership opportunities
    • Meet faculty in an informal setting
    • Meet successful professionals already employed in your field 
    • Learn practical information about your major 
    • Have an impact on student policy in COSAM 
    • Participate in service activities with and outside the college

Health Professions Organizations

      • Alpha Epsilon Delta - All students interested in the health professions
      • PTSIG - All students interested in physical therapy
      • Medical D - Students interested in volunteering at East Alabama Medical Center.  Application required.
      • PPHR Club - All students interested in pharmacy
      • PVET Club - All students interested in veterinary medicine
      • Lambda Tau - All students interested in laboratory or medical technology

General Interest Organizations


Departmental Organizations


This is just a sample of Auburn’s more than 300 student organizations.  The Organizations page on the SGA website is a great place to find other groups that may interest you.  Always check with departments to find out if there is a club specifically for majors in your field.  If not, consider starting one!