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Summer 2010 and Fall 2010 Registration

March 4, 2010 - April 5, 2010

Please refer to Tigeri to see when your time ticket is register.  Please follow the link below for Dr. Wit's schedule for unblocking and all undeclared and undeclared pre-health students.  If you have a departmental advisor, please contact them for their schedule.

Advising Schedule/Registration and Course Planning


Get a personal trainer through STUDY PARTNERS: Go to


Rising and Current Seniors:

Please follow these important steps for graduation!

1.  All rising seniors must schedule a preliminary graduation check with the Dean's Office advisors ONE YEAR before graduation.

2.  For the semester you plan to graduate, you must register for UNIV 4aa0, section SM1.  Your registration in UNIV 4aa0 SM1 will provide Auburn University with a list of expected undergraduate degree candidates so that all the administrative work can be taken care of in plenty of  time for your graduation.  No charges or credit hours apply for this course.

3.  During the first week of the semester you plan to graduate, you MUST make an appointment with an academic advisor in the Dean's Office for a final credit check.

Do you hear yourself saying. . .

      What can I do with a major in.....?
      If so, then this is the site for you!

      I’m having trouble in classes.   Academic Support can help!
      I need a tutor.   They’re in 315 Martin Hall.
      I study all the time, but it’s not helping. See Academic Support & take UNIV 1050, Success Strategies, in the Spring.

      Go to the COMP 1000 Test Website for information about testing out of COMP 1000.


Have you declared a major?  At the end of the sophomore year, all PMED, PDEN, PPHS, and  POPT students should have declared an academic major.  Also, PPHR students who have  completed all courses on their curriculum sheet and all JR or SR general undeclared students should have declared a major by the end of this semester.  If you haven’t, do it now!