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Graduation Procedures


Students are cleared for graduation by a dual process involving both the Registrar and Dean's Office. The Registrar verifies total credit and satisfaction of the freshman English requirement. The Dean's Office verifies that the curriculum model and minimum GPA requirements have been met. Students should go to the Registrar to begin the credit check procedure at about the time they achieve senior standing.

A minimum of 25 percent of the total semester hours required for the bachelor's degree must be earned in residence at Auburn University. As a general rule, these hours must be taken in the final year and in the school/college curriculum of graduation. However, exceptions to this rule can be made at the Dean's discretion with sound justification. Graduating seniors must clear any deferred grades by the 15th day of their final semester if the courses are to be used to meet graduation requirements. Correspondence courses must be completed by mid-semester.

Graduating seniors must submit a graduation fee to the Bursar at the beginning of the semester of graduation. Students who owe any university fees are denied graduation until all debts are settled. Students who do not wish to attend graduation should make arrangements with either the Registrar or Dean's Office to graduate in absentia.