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Below are the types of equipment that we will be using on our cruise in the Gulf of Mexico.


Johnson-Sea-Link: This is the submersible that we will be taking to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. It can carry three people and our dives to the bottom will be for 3 - 3.5 hours. We plan to do 2 dives each day (as long as the weather is nice). To collect our samples, we will use robotic arms that are part of the Johnson-Sea-Link. The submersible also has cameras so that we can take videos of the organisms in their natural environment. You can watch these videos here.
MOCNESS: When the Johnson-Sea-Link is not in the water diving, we will be using a Multiple Opening/Closing Net and Environmental Sensing System (the short-name for it is a MOCNESS) that has a 1.0 square meter (or ~11.0 square foot) opening. The MOCNESS can be used to sample different depths of the ocean very accurately for organisms that live off the bottom and are in the water column (which are known as plankton). PHOTO CREDIT: Peter Weibe.
BushMaster: piece of equipment which covers a tubeworm colony like an upside-down cup, then uses a sharp wire to slice across the bottom. This leaves the tubeworms and the fauna that live on the tubeworms trapped inside.