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About the Littleton-Franklin Lectures:

The Littleton-Franklin Lectures address the pervasive problem of retaining our humanity and ideals in a rapidly developing technological society. This season's lectures are sponsored by the College of Sciences and Mathematics and funds from the John and Mary Franklin Foundation, Atlanta, Ga.

The series in its name also recognizes the service to the program of Mosley Professor Emeritus Taylor D. Littleton. Members of the LIttleton-Franklin Faculty Committee are: James Bradley (Biological Sciences), Richard Chapman (Computer Science and Software Engineering), Robert Greenleaf (Music), Sheri Schumacher (Architecture), Michelle Sidler (English), Gerard Elfstrom (Philosophy), and Eleanor Josephson (Veterinary Medicine).

Bruce Schneier - Feb. 2, 2010

Described by The Economist as a "security guru," Bruce Schneier is an internationally renowned security technologist and author. His first bestseller, Applied Cryptography, explains how the science of secret codes works and was described by Wired magazine as "the book the National Security Agency wanted never to be published."

Michael Gazzaniga - April 13, 2010

Having written books such as The Social Brain, Mind Matters, The Ethical Brain and Nature's Mind, Michael Gazzaniga has helped make information about brain function generally accessible to the public. Dr. Gazzaniga has a long and distinguished teaching and mentoring career that includes establishment of Centers for Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of California-Davis and at Dartmouth.