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The Workshops for Excellence Program

The Workshops for Excellence Program at the Drop-In Center offers up to eight separate Workshops each semester for Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics freshman- and sophomore- level courses. The Workshops meet for two hours twice a week in each subject area and are at no cost to the student.  The Workshops are led by some of Auburn's best Ph.D. graduate-teaching assistants in the departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Minority students who attend these Workshops perform significantly better than those who opt not to participate, as proven by their test scores and grade-point averages.

To participate in this program, you must sign up for first-year or second-year Chemistry (CHEM), Mathematics (MATH), Biology(BIOL), or Physics (PHYS) courses, and one of the Workshops being offered in the program. Note that the Workshops require at least four more hours of your time each week. During the Workshop sessions, you will work in small groups under the guidance of a Graduate Teaching Assistant and an undergraduate mentor.


Workshop Schedule

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Drop-In Center Workshop

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