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Undergraduate Studies



The department offers a number of majors leading to the Bachelor of Science degree.  The majors cover animal and plant sciences, ecology and evolution, microbiology and marine biology.  These curricula are designed to provide students with a strong foundation in biology as well as providing the opportunity for specialization.  The departmental faculty is responsible for the development of these majors and the majority of the teaching.  In addition, the faculty encourages undergraduate student involvement in research in their laboratories and field projects.  For more information about the majors offered through the department, click here.

Aubie & BioScience

All undergraduate students are assigned to a faculty advisor when they declare a major.  Faculty advisors work with the advisee to assure that the student is completing the required courses within the major as well as assisting the student in choosing elective courses which best suit their goals and interests.  In addition to assisting students in completing their undergraduate degrees, faculty advisors also help students in career development and graduate education.  More information on class registration, long-range planning and academic policies is available from the COSAM Student Services.

Undergraduate Research:

The department has a long history of undergraduate participation in faculty research.  This experience may be as short as a single semester or may last for a year or more and even culminate in a published paper.  There are opportunities for participating in either field-based or laboratory-based research.  Students interested in participating in research should talk with faculty members whose work is of interest to them.  To learn about the research interests of the faculty check out the faculty web pages.  Most of our faculty have extensive web pages describing their interests.  Once the student and the faculty member have agreed on the project, the student should enroll in Undergraduate research course-BIOL 4980.


Undergraduate Scholarships:

Undergraduate students within the department are encouraged to apply for scholarships offered by Auburn University as well as the College of Science and Mathematics.  For more information on COSAM scholarships check this link.  In addition, there are fellowships available to undergraduate students participating in research.  These include the Funds for Excellence in the Biological Sciences fellowships (Contact Dr. Robert Boyd) administered through the department, the Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarships available through the Cell and Molecular Biology Peak of Excellence program and the Undergraduate Competitive Research Fellowships administered through the Office of the Vice-President for Research Office.