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Reptiles & Amphibians Collection


CURATOR - Craig Guyer, Ph.D. (Personal Home Page)
CURATOR EMERITUS - Robert H. Mount, Ph.D.


George W. Folkerts, Ph.D. (Personal Home Page)
Mary A. Mendonça, Ph.D. (Personal Home Page)
Ray Henry, Ph.D. (Personal Home Page)



The amphibian and reptile collections at Auburn University include ca. 40,000 specimens. The collection focuses on the state of Alabama, but also includes significant series from other portions of the southeastern United States. Representatives of most North American species are present in the cataloged material as is a small collection of specimens from the Caribbean. The collections primarily are stored in alcohol, but include significant skeletal materials (primarily turtles), amphibian larvae, and eggs.

The Auburn University Museum Reptile and Amphibian Collection can be searched at this link: SEARCH DATABASE.



Loans of specimens are made to scientists and students associated with recognized institutions or to others with adequate credentials. Loan policies and a printable loan request form are available in MS Word and Adobe PDF formats.



Volunteer workers in the reptile and amphibian collection perform tasks vital to the maintenance and use of the collection. During their volunteer activities, they become experienced in curatorial functions, gain familiarity with the reptile and amphibian fauna, and have the opportunity to interact with a variety of scientists. For more information or to volunteer your services, e-mail or visit with the Curator .