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Chose from one of the three groups below:

Hard and glossy body with a narrow, pointed head, eyelids and ears...

Eastern Glass LizardGreenish color; no stripes on back. Slender Glass LizardDark stripe down middle of back; two or more thin dark stripes below lateral fold (groove along side of body). Mimic Glass LizardDark stripe down middle of back; no  dark stripes below lateral fold. 

Snakes with a rattle...

Eastern Diamondback RattlesnakeJust like the name says there are diamond-shaped dark markings  down the middle of the back; venomous. Timber Rattlesnake Dark bands across back separated by tan or pinkish coloration; a reddish-brown stripe runs down the center of the back; venomous. Pigmy RattlesnakeSmall with a tiny rattle; with rounded dark spots; dark bars or a dark stripe on back; venomous.

Snakes without a rattle...

Choose the category that your snake falls under based upon its color pattern.  Is it striped, ringed or banded, blotched, speckled, or uniform in color?


Rainbow Snake
Glossy black with red stripes;belly has two rows of dark spots.
Eastern Ribbon Snake
Three bright yellow stripes on dark body; slim with long tail (tail about 1/3 of total body length).
Queen Snake
Brown, aquatic snake with yellow stripe on sides near belly; belly yellow with dark stripe on each side of undersurface of chin.
Gulf Salt Marsh Snake
Gray to reddish brown with three light stripes; belly black with yellow stripe down center.
Eastern Garter Snake
Bold yellow stripe down center of back; a pair of heavily dissected yellow stripes along sides.

Ringed or Banded

Southeastern Crowned Snake
Head and neck black dissected at back of head by a light band; body tan to pinkish-brown; belly uniform white or pinkish.
Ringneck Snake
Head and body dark with a yellowish ring around neck; belly yellow with black dots down center or along sides.
Northern Red-bellied Snake
Head dark with indistinct yellow ring around neck; body tan; belly brick-red.
Banded Water Snake
Scales keeled (body looks rough); pupil round; body light brown or reddish with irregular dark crossbands usually extending as black squarish blotches on belly.
Cotton Mouth
Scales keeled (body looks rough); pupil is vertically elliptical; body light brown to black with dark bars that have rough edges; body uniform dark brown in large adults; top of head is brown with dark stripe through each eye; venomous.
Eastern Kingsnake
Scales smooth (body looks shiny); pupil round; body black with thin light cross bars that interconnect along sides. 
Mud Snake
Shiny black with red or pinkish blotches on the sides.
Scarlet Snake
Snout red; red blotches on back separated from white or yellow bands by black bands; belly white.
Milk Snakes
Snout red; red bands separated from light or yellow rings by black rings; belly black and white.
Coral Snake
Snout black; red rings separated from black rings by yellow rings; belly red, yellow, and black.


Speckled Kingsnake
Black body with light flecks and scales are smooth.
Black Kingsnake
Black or black with light flecks on the sides
Green Water Snake
Greenish to brownish, no distinct markings, faint dark pattern, belly is gray or brown with light spots or half moons, there are scales around the eye and a separate row scales above the lip that do not touch the eyes.
North Florida Swamp Snake
Shiny black snake with a red belly.  The belly of this snake is showing in this picture. 


Eastern Indigo Snake
Shiny bluish-black, smooth scales.  Does not have white on the chin like black racers.
Glossy Water Snake
Small snake, small head, scales keeled and somewhat shiny, olive-green color with four faint stripes on back and sides, belly off-white to yellowish with two rows of dark spots that sometimes combine and form stripes.
Rough Green Snake
Green thin snake with white or yellowish belly, scales are keeled, easy to identify.
Black Racer
Black on back and belly, some white on chin, smooth scales.
Pine Woods Snake
Also called the yellow-lipped snake, small snake with long tail, smooth scales, brown back with three faint stripes, sometimes not visible, dark band that goes through eye, upper lip yellowish some with dark spots, belly yellowish.
Worm Snake
Brown, gray-brown, or pinkish brown with pink belly that sharply contracts with the darker back, scales smooth and shiny
Eastern Coachwhip
Easy to identify by the dark coloration from the head back and light coloration from the tail up.  The color change occurs somewhere between the neck and the tail.
Rough Earth Snake
Small, thin snake, scales keeled, brown to gray, belly cream colored to yellowish, sometimes a light band on the neck.
Smooth Earth Snake
Small, thin snake with pointed head, scales smooth, back is gray to brown with small dark flecks, belly is light gray to white, and their is some blending in color between the belly and the back, not a sharp contrast as in the worm snake.
Plainbelly Snake
Belly is solid red or yellow, back is brown or gray to greenish, scales are keeled.


Gray Rat Snake 
Body is gray to brown to almost white with gray or brown blotches that are darker than the rest of the body, sides have alternating blotches that form stripes near the head, belly is whitish with dark gray to brown blotches.
Florida Green Water Snake
Large green or brown snake with keeled scales, belly is whitish or cream colored except under tail where it is brown with dark spots or half moons.
Brown Water Snake
Often mistaken for a cottonmouth, square dark brown spots down back and an alternating row down sides, belly yellow to brown with dark brown blotches or squares, and a heart shaped head.
Mole Kingsnake
Shiny smooth scales with reddish-brown spots with dark edges down back and smaller ones on sides.  They do not run together on the back.  Back is light to dark brown and sides may be yellowish.  Belly is yellowish or white with brown spots.  May lose markings and be all brown.
Pine Snake
Large snake, head small, keeled scales, may be light colored with 25-31 dark blotches that are blackish near the head and reddish brown on the tail, belly is white with a row of dark spots on each side.  Two other subspecies have same markings but are darker to complete black so markings are not obvious, sometimes white spots on throat and belly. 
Midland Water Snake
Dark bands around the neck, and alternating blotches on the back and sides, tail is usually banded, and belly markings are in pairs.
Corn Snake
Belly is checkered with black on white, underside of tail is usually striped, back has red, orange, or brownish spots on back that are bordered with black, and the spot on the head is shaped like a spear pointing towards the nose.
Midland Brown Snake
Dark cross bars on back where the two rows of dark spots have fused together, varies in color from light brown to dark brown, gray, or reddish brown, sides usually darker with dark blotches, downward streak on side of head, belly pale with black dots on edges.
Diamondback Water Snake 
A row of dark squares on back connected to dark bands on the sides, belly is yellow with darker ovals or half moons, and scales are keeled.
Eastern Hognose 
Scales keeled, upturned snout, yellowish or tan with brown blotches, underside of tail is lighter than the rest of the belly
Southern Hognose 
Nose is more upturned than in eastern hognose, and the underside of the tail is the same color as the rest of the belly, blotches on back alternate with blotches on the side
Venomous snake with keeled scales, head is wide, pupils are vertically elliptical, body tan, light brown, or pinkish with 16-21 dumbell shaped dark bonds on back.