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Backyard Amphibian & Reptile Guide


Backyard Guide to Alabama's Reptiles and Amphibians

You can use this web site to identify Reptiles and Amphibians from Alabama.  Begin by selecting the group below that most closely resembles the body shape of your animal.  You can submit information on the reptiles and amphibians that you find to the Alabama Herp Atlas Project.  Go to their web page to find out more about how to get involved or to print an information card to make a submission.



Frog Frog Frog


Salamander Salamander







Acknowledgements: Thanks to the following people for their picture donations and help in constructing this key:

Frog page Salamander page Lizard Page Legless Lizard Page Turtle Page
Roger Birkhead oak toad, northern cricket, and pine barrens treefrog flatwoods, marbled, green, southern two-lined, long-tailed, slimy, and gulf coast mud salamanders American alligator and five-line skink scarlet, black racer, ringneck, eastern idigo, southern hognose, speckled kingsnake, milk snake, eastern coral, copperhead, eastern diamondback, and pigmy rattlesnake alligator snapping turtle, slider and spiny softshell turtles
Ashley Rall fowler's toad, barking treefrog, eastern narrowmouth toad three-lined salamander six-lined racerunner southeastern crowned snake box turtle
Matt Greene southern toad, southern cricket frog, pine woods treefrog eastern newt Mississippi diamondback terrapin
Scott Boback bird-voiced treefrog, squirrel treefrog, ornate chorus, upland chorus, dusky gopher, pig frog, pickerel, and wood frog Two-toed amphiuma, mudpuppy, spotted, Apalachicola, spring, Red Hills, southern reback, red salamander picture of lip scales eastern hognose, mole kingsnake, eastern coachwhip, plainbelly water, brown water, eastern ribbon, and smooth earth snakes
Valerie Johnson eastern fence lizard Florida softshell and hatchling gopher tortoise
Geoff Sorrell ornate chorus frog worm snake
Craig Guyer and Robert H.  Mount

donated pictures from the Auburn Univeristy Museum and Herp Atlas Project

american toad, cope's gray treefrog, green treefrog, mountain chorus frog, spring peeper,  spadefoot toad,  smallmouth, eastern tiger, eastern hellbender, seal, mountain dusky, dwarf salamanders, and greater siren slender and eastern glass lizards, green anole, northern mole, southeastern five-lined, broad headed, and ground skink corn, cottonmouth, gray rat, mud, eastern kingsnake, black kingsnake, gulf salt marsh, banded water, diamondback water, midland water, rough green, pine, glossy water, queen, north Florida swamp, midland brown, northern red-bellied, eastern garter, rough earth snakes common snapping, painted, Barbout's map, common map, black-knobbed sawback, Alabama map, river cooter, Florida cooter, eastern mud, flattened musk, common musk (adult and hatchling), and smooth softshell turtles
Abbie Sorenson southern chorus frog, ornate chorus frog, bullfrog, bronze frog

Created 12/01, Maggie Smith and Craig Guyer