Making a Difference:

If all undergraduate and graduate students at Auburn University gave an average of just $20 each, we would have an additional $480,000. This is almost HALF-A- MILLION-DOLLAR IMPACT!

Auburn University relies heavily on annual donations. Your gift allows the school, unit, program of your choice to provide necessary resources and support for current and future members of the Auburn family. Support from students is a critical piece in the overall efforts to keep Auburn in a position of national leadership.

State appropriations have only provided about 30 percent of funding. Therefore, private funding is extremely crucial to tech continued progress of our university.

Students have an immense impact on the overall alumni participation rate at Auburn University. By giving, you encourage others by your example.

"Doesn't tuition cover most expenses?"

Tuition covers 32% of the University’s revenues. State funding covers 30%. The cost of providing quality programs and facilities greatly exceeds tuition and

state funding, and Auburn relies heavily on private gifts and annual donations to maintain its standard of excellence.

“I can’t give a lot of money. I’m on a tight budget.”
We understand how difficult managing finances can be as a college student. We want you to give an amount that you’re comfortable with. Many students give   between $15 and $55. Just by giving up a Starbucks coffee or a pizza, you can make a difference for Auburn!

“My gift won’t make a difference.”
This isn’t true! Your gift at a level meaningful to you is combined with others for that same area. It adds up to a BIG impact!

“I don’t want to commit now. I feel more comfortable giving once I have graduated and have a job.”
I understand that this is an important decision. However, if you get in the habit of giving now, you are more likely to continue to give upon graduation. Why wait until you graduate to make a difference when you can start today by paving the road of others?

Gift Designations:

You can designate your gift to any department, program or scholarship that you choose. You can even make it in honor of a favorite professor or in honor or memory of a loved one. By participating in the student-giving campaign, we demonstrate to others that we value this university. Give to an area that is important to you. It's not the level of your gift - it is your participation that counts! The following are only a few areas in the College of Sciences and Mathematics that could benefit from your gift:

Donald E. Davis Arboretum

Biological Sciences

Chemistry and Biochemistry

COSAM Scholarship Fund

Dean's Discretionary Fund

Geology and Geography

K-12 Outreach Program

Mathematics and Statistics


Society of Women in Sciences and Mathematics

Summer Bridge Program

Ways to Give:

For additional information, please contact:

Brook Moates

College of Sciences and Mathematics

Development Coordinator

Sciences Center Classroom 229

(334) 844-2931

Student Giving

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