Freshman Orientation
Freshman Orientation is a six day program designed to familiarize incoming Midshipmen with the Auburn NROTC organization, policies and requirements. The program, which begins one week prior to the start of classes for the fall semester, also includes a daily physical fitness regiment consisting of running, swimming, calisthenics and multiple team building type exercises. All Midshipmen are required to attend this program. If you have any questions concerning this event, please email the Recruiting Officer.

Uniform Fitting Charts

Female Uniform Fitting Chart
Male Uniform Fitting Chart

Personal Data Questionnaire


New Student Orientation Letter
Pre NSO Training Plan
Knowledge pack



Miscellaneous Forms

Direct Deposit Form

Use this example as instructions for completing your Direct Deposit form.

Complete the highlighted areas with your personal information. 

Battalion Regulations

Academic Standards for NROTC Students at Auburn University
Mandatory Study Program
Course Requirement Encl(1)
Navy Scholarship Encl(2)
Navy College Program Encl(3)
Navy Nurse Scholarship Encl(4)
Navy STA 21 Core Encl(5)
Marine Option Scholarship Encl(6)
Marine Option College Program-Encl(7)
MECEP Encl(8)
Degree Completion Plan Form Encl(10)
Summary of Program Requirements Checklists

Letter of Promulgation
Record of Changes
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - NROTC Battalion Organization
Chapter 3 - Unit Policies and Regulations
Chapter 4 - Academics
Chapter 5 - Aptitude Evaluation
Chapter 6 - Drill, Physical Training, and Company Competition
Chapter 7 - Books, Pay, and Uniforms
Chapter 8 - Battalion Disciplinary System
Chapter 9 - Opportunities
Appendix A - Battalion Command Organization
Appendix B - Uniform Insignia/Grooming
Appendix C - NROTC Auburn University Awards
Appendix D - List of Abbreviations/Acronyms
Appendix E - Chit Request Routing


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