AU Room and Board Scholarship

Auburn University has a long tradition of strongly supporting the nation's military and the Naval ROTC also benefits significantly from this generous spirit.  Auburn has set aside funds designated specifically for ROTC students as an incentive to recruit and retain the highest quality individuals possible while also recognizing sustained superior performance in academics, physical fitness, leadership and community service.  Each year, the Unit nominates five rising sophomores to receive scholarships, worth $6600 each, based on their overall performance.  The scholarship remains in effect for a maximum of three years (no 5th year benefits), but is reviewed each semester to ensure selectees maintain minimum NROTC and AU standards.  Students must ensure Federal Student Aid  (FAFSA) is on file with the University's  Student Financial Aid Office  prior to funds being deposited in their account.  The scholarship is not available to active duty students, but all Midshipmen who have completed their first year are automatically considered for nomination by the Room and Board Scholarship Committee.

Last Updated: Jun. 17, 2015

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